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Ski Trip – Friday

February 7th, 2014 Comments off

IMG_9195IMG_2616IMG_9196Well, we’ve certainly had all sorts of weather this week; mostly superb, but today we have experienced what it is like to ski in a foot of fresh snow. Not easy! Visibility was shocking and everyone had to put on their ‘stiff upper lip’ and get on with it. The groups went out to take their ski ability tests so that the instructors, Seb, Lou Lou and Greg, could assess their levels of achievement. We are so proud of them all as they have skied their socks off!  After  their 5 hours of tuition today the instructors came back to the hotel to present them all with their certificates and badges. Sorry, some of the photos were blurred but we’ve posted all of them anyway.

Tonight we all went down to the next town to ice skate. Very funny!

We’re packed; all of the shattered students are in bed and asleep and very much looking forward to seeing their families tomorrow evening. Be gentle with them as they have had a very exhausting week and done their parents and the school proud. The hotel manager and the other schools’ staff staying in the hotel have commented on how well this week has gone. The atmosphere has been superb!

Ski Blog – Thursday

February 6th, 2014 Comments off


Today’s blog is still to come, but we thought that we’d get the photos up of the day’s skiing. It’s the top group that we focused on today. They completed a slalom course this afternoon and were great. No crashes!!!

All the skiers are exercising their disco legs at the moment .. there’s murder on the dance floor. Where do they get their energy?

Cook causes chaos!

February 5th, 2014 Comments off


This morning we woke to falling snow, which although is very pretty and great for conditions, is also very challenging when you can’t see where you’re going.  Hence, there were lots of stories at the end of the day; grossly exaggerated of course, of people bashing into each other or falling because they couldn’t see. (Nothing to do with technique!) Everyone had great fun in the powder and we’re looking forward to an excellent day tomorrow as the snow is still falling and the forecast looks good.

The highlight of the day has to be Mrs Cook’s attempt to cause chaos by stopping a chair lift, Read more…

Boyne by name, boing by nature

February 4th, 2014 Comments off


We had a lovely surprise today when the weather forecast given did not materialise.  Having had the big dump of snow a couple of days ago, the sky stayed clear all day and gave us the bonus of perfect conditions once again.

All groups have skied exceptionally well, racing around various parts of the mountain; some more upright than others! Adam B managed an impressive face plant this morning and was mortified that Cerys missed it with her headcam. Connor Mc managed to execute a perfect jump and was feeling extremely pleased with himself, however a lapse in concentration during his run out meant that he didn’t see an obstacle in his way and had a massive wipe out right in front of the teachers. You snooze, you lose! Read more…

Cooperman pretends he’s Superman!

February 3rd, 2014 Comments off

IMG_8721Today was as nearIMG_2081 a perfect ski IMG_8795day as it could possibly be; sunny skies and tons of deep snow and a few crashes to boot! Cooperman mistook himself for Superman and managed to do a complete backflip, but luckily came out unscathed.  Everyone’s having a great time made possible by the impressive ski instructors who have entertained their students throughout their lessons. Sabastian has even made his group pretend to be birds and flap their arms as they ski. I’m sure he’s convinced the students that it will make them go faster.  They are not only content to entertain by day, but they put on a great show for La Plagne this evening too when all the ski school instructors (approx. 50) performed synchronised skiing on an assortment of skis.  The grand finale was when one of the daredevil instructors parachuted down onto the piste and landed in front of the crowd, which really took the audience by surprise.

This evening we had quiz night and the students took part with great gusto and enthusiasm. The eventual winners were Jess, Olivia, Lauren, Ethan and Lewis.

It has been a fantastic day and the students have continued to impress the hotel staff, instructors and us.  Their general conduct, organisation and positive attitude is outstanding … their skiing’s not bad either!

Gorillas in the Mist

February 2nd, 2014 Comments off

IMG_8688‘First timers are to be deeply envied. No skier will ever again have as much fun falling over and laughing uncontrollably at everything.’

Today we woke to 15 to 20 cm of fresh snow. This would have been fantastic if we could have seen it. Unfortunately, the mist came down and the gorillas had to go out in it. Despite that, we have all had an absolutely fantastic day. We were introduced to three insane Frenchmen who happened to be our ski instructors, who, before they would take our ski groups out on the piste, insisted that we took a photograph of them for our album. They provided our students with excellent instruction and offered comic entertainment all day long as well.  Not only will the kids sleep well tonight; the instructors will too as they were exhausted! Top tip today from Sebastian was to try and keep skies in contact with the snow and NOT to fly like a bird.  Talk about stating the obvious! Read more…

‘Alps’ski’lutely Fabulous!

February 1st, 2014 Comments off

IMAG0130We’re here! After an early start and slightly delayed journey, Southampton Airport, Flybe and Chambery Airport did us proud. Not sure about the coach company though; the driver couldn’t even find the entrance to Southampton Airport!

Upon our arrival at Chambery, Mr Hudson bumped into an ex-Harrow Way student on her way to the same resort as us. She left the school back in the 80’s, but recognised Mr H’s ugly face immediately! A highlight from today was Roland mistaking his boarding pass for a receipt and chucking it in a rubbish bin and, whilst retrieving it, got a few strange looks from passers-by, but thankfully he found it. To pass the time during our delay a few of the students decided to play ‘Name the Capital City’ of various countries with us. We were very impressed with their geographical knowledge, but there was one moment of hilarity when a student was asked the capital of Australia. When given the clue that it had the same name as a famous ship, one bright spark piped up ‘Concordia’!  Well at least she got the first letter right. She did know the answer really! Read more…

Trip Booklet – Final details

January 31st, 2014 Comments off

Ski Trip 2014 Parents Information

October 15th, 2013 Comments off

Final Parents’ Evening – Thursday 23rd January at 7.00 pm in the Auditorium.

This is an important meeting at which we feel both the student and at least one parent must attend.  It is the opportunity to:

  • Give out last minute information and answer any questions 
  • Inform you of the travel arrangements 
  • Provide you with emergency contact numbers

Please ensure that you bring Passports and European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) to the meeting as we will be collecting them in.

We have given your child a contact sheet with the details that we hold on the school’s database. Please check this carefully and make any necessary amendments.

Training will take place as usual on Friday 17th and 24th January.  We will confirm at the Parents’ Evening whether training on 31st January will take place as this is so close to departure.


Link to the booklet handed out to parents/students at the first Parents’ Evening in October 2013.

The following link will take you to Sub32’s website, the company that the school uses for clothing and accessories.  Do feel free to have a look and contact them if you need any advice.

Useful Packing list

Live 360 webcam from Bergerie (La Plagne)
Live 360 webcam from Roche de Mio (La Plagne)

Brilliant virtual flight tour of the region

Metcheck weather for Belle Plagne

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