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December 5th, 2017


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Welcome to Performing Arts

The Arts (visual arts, drama, music, dance and literature) are well established and particularly successful at Harrow Way, and make a vital contribution both to individual education and to the quality of school life in general. We put a great emphasis on Arts activities of all kinds, which are a very strong feature of the school. We believe that the Arts have an essential place in the balanced education of all our students. This is achieved both through the formal and informal curriculum, i.e. what is taught during timetabled lessons and what is experienced through extra-curricular activities and opportunities. Harrow Way’s current Performing Arts BTEC Handbook can be foundĀ HERE.

A range of cultural experiences and opportunities are provided each year, and these include: visits to art galleries, concerts, theatres and craft facilities; collaborative opportunities for participation in the arts with links with other educational institutions, local groups and industry within the town; links with arts specialists and practitioners, such as visiting authors, poets, artists, musicians, actors, dancers and professional theatre groups; student performances; dance workshops; displays of students’ work in school and out. Pictures from many of our performances can be seen HERE.

The School is particularly fortunate to have very well qualified and committed teaching staff, who are prepared to give up significant amounts of their own time to enhance their students’ experience, This is reflected in a variety of ways, including: some exceptional examination results at the end of Key Stage 4; quality displays; high level performances; the introduction of GCSE Dance to 2001. As a result of this recent initiative we are absolutely delighted to have been chosen by the Royal Ballet School to be one of only four schools in the entire country to be part of their outreach programme.

We have always been proud of the technical excellence with which we have presented our shows. A quick look through these pages will reveal the quality of the lighting and production values we expect. Our technicians have always been drawn from the ranks of our students and have then been given full responsibility for the running of the shows during performance.

Harrow Way also makes a significant contribution to Arts activities in the local community itself both in its provision of an Arts venue and acting as a focus for local Arts groups.

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