IMG_8721Today was as nearIMG_2081 a perfect ski IMG_8795day as it could possibly be; sunny skies and tons of deep snow and a few crashes to boot! Cooperman mistook himself for Superman and managed to do a complete backflip, but luckily came out unscathed.  Everyone’s having a great time made possible by the impressive ski instructors who have entertained their students throughout their lessons. Sabastian has even made his group pretend to be birds and flap their arms as they ski. I’m sure he’s convinced the students that it will make them go faster.  They are not only content to entertain by day, but they put on a great show for La Plagne this evening too when all the ski school instructors (approx. 50) performed synchronised skiing on an assortment of skis.  The grand finale was when one of the daredevil instructors parachuted down onto the piste and landed in front of the crowd, which really took the audience by surprise.

This evening we had quiz night and the students took part with great gusto and enthusiasm. The eventual winners were Jess, Olivia, Lauren, Ethan and Lewis.

It has been a fantastic day and the students have continued to impress the hotel staff, instructors and us.  Their general conduct, organisation and positive attitude is outstanding … their skiing’s not bad either!