July 13th, 2016

Welcome to the Careers Department

Key Stage 3 classes will receive careers education through organised events. During Years 10 and 11, all students have timetabled periods of Careers Education. Activities are designed to help develop student understanding of possible ways in which to begin to make their choices from the very wide range of opportunities open to them.

Late in Year 9, all students are introduced to an internal careers advisor, the careers library, careers databases and other resources available to them.

DSC_0537In Year 10, as well as the timetabled careers work, students may be given the opportunity to visit local industry to see actual working conditions. In addition, representatives from various occupations and colleges may be invited into school to speak about their organisations and available opportunities. Year 10 students are also given the chance to participate in two weeks true work experience in employment of their own choice. Involvement in this working situation is considered to be an important experience and an effective way to bridge the gap between school and work. It occurs during term time.

During the year, all Year 11 students have an opportunity to see an Internal Careers Adviser individually. Parents may wish to attend these interviews which are extremely searching. Help and advice are available throughout the processes of selecting suitable employment or progression to further education. The Head of Careers Education and Guidance is always on hand to talk to both students and parents, should they require any help or information. Careers Fairs and further related activities are also organised at various times throughout the year.

Students also have access to online careers software, of which more information can be found here.

Our  Parents’ Guide to Post-16 Career Options can be found here.

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