Careers Education

Careers lessons begin in Year 9 and are delivered as part of the Personal Development Programme.

Careers lessons overview:

  • Year 9: Workplace Expectations
  • Year 10: Different Pathways and Qualifications
  • Year 11: Destinations and Applications

Lessons are taught by a trained team of teachers, and are enriched by relevant external visitors such as representatives from local colleges, apprenticeship providers and employers. The careers education, information and guidance programme includes careers education sessions, career guidance activities (group work and individual meetings), information and research activities and work-related learning and has been developed using the Career Development Insitute’s Career Development Framework which can be viewed here.

Students begin engaging with Careers from Year 7, taking part in a range of different activities during their time at Harrow Way Community School. Impartial and accurate information, advice and guidance at transition points, such as the Year 9
Options process, is the responsibility of all teaching and support staff. Year 11 students receive Provider Assemblies and College Taster Days, together with access to a broad programme of information, including a visit to the Hampshire Careers Fair, and an in-house Information Evening to which parents and carers are also invited. Year 10 students receive five days of Work Experience and a visit to a local Careers Fair.

You can read more about Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance at HWCS here on our website.