September 14th, 2017

Welcome to English

English in the modern secondary school is a broad and diverse subject that explores the many different ways in which we communicate. The English Department at Harrow Way is committed to the development of the various skills needed to study and create texts across a range of forms and genres.

The Department leads students to academic success, sharing positive relationships with classes whilst maintaining high expectations and levels of behaviour.

Video Prospectus – English Department

During Year 7 and 8, students are encouraged to develop their ability to express themselves through the reading of texts and by building creative and transactional writing skills. Speaking and listening skills are developed through discussion and presentation on an individual basis as well as in pairs and groups. Students will practise writing in a range of different forms, and there will be on ongoing focus on building skills of redrafting and editing. Active reading strategies are taught and wide reading is encouraged.

We have endeavoured to create an exciting and varied Year 7 and 8 curriculum, which consists of the following:

Year 7

  • War Horse project – analysis, discussion and creative writing
  • Creative work around the theme of ‘Adventure’
  • An introduction to Shakespeare through the study of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, involving textual analysis, discussion and creative work
  • An introduction to the study of poetry
  • Creative work on the theme of ‘Nature and Beauty’, inspired by Romanticism

Year 8

  • Whole-text study of the novel Private Peaceful, involving contextual work on WW1 and war poetry
  • Analysis of news articles
  • Romanticism and A Midsummer Night’s Dream in greater depth
  • Introduction to Shakespeare’s Othello
  • Introduction to Romantic poetry
  • Reading and study of The Graveyard Book and comparison with The Jungle Book.
  • Ongoing classroom discussion, debate and presentation

During both Year 7 and Year 8, students will compile a ‘Creative Portfolio’, which will consist of a range of creative writing pieces inspired by the various texts that they have studied. Throughout the year, students will refine, redraft and edit their creative work with a view to producing final pieces that showcase the very best of their creative skills.

At GCSE level, we follow the WJEC GCSE English Language and English Literature Syllabuses.

Year 9
The Year 9 Curriculum provides a foundation for GCSE study and consists of:

  • On-going analysis practice and essay-writing skills
  • Literary analysis – whole-text study of The Prince of Mist and Of Mice and Men
  • Study and comparison of the short stories The Destructors and Eveline
  • An re-introduction to Shakespeare’s Othello
  • An introduction to the GCSE poetry anthology
  • Creative and transactional prose writing
  • Ongoing classroom discussion, debate and presentation
  • Understanding grammar and developing technical accuracy in writing

Year 10

  • Ongoing study of the GCSE poetry anthology
  • Study of GCSE set text – Blood Brothers
  • Study of GCSE set text – Othello
  • Creative and transactional prose writing
  • Ongoing classroom discussion, debate and presentation

Year 11

  • Study of GCSE set text – A Christmas Carol
  • Nonfiction prose comparison skills
  • Creative and transactional prose writing
  • Ongoing study of the GCSE poetry anthology
  • Ongoing exam preparation

Students will sit their final GCSE exams in the summer term of Year 11: two English Language exams and two English Literature exams.

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