Online Payments

February 22nd, 2018

Parents are able to use an online payment system to make payments to the school. Payments can be made online by credit or debit card, removing the need for cash to be brought into school or cheques to be written.

Make a Payment Online

The online payments system enables parents to:

  • Add funds to ‘Cashless Catering’ accounts, which can then be spent at the school canteen
  • Check the current balance of their children’s ‘Cashless Catering’ account
  • View a history of their children’s purchases from the school canteen
  • Pay for school trips
  • Pay for other miscellaneous items available through the school, such as text books and revision guides

To access the online payment system for the first time, parents will need to create an account using their e-mail address and an ‘Online Link Code’, which will be supplied by the school. Multiple children can be attached to one account.

Getting Started:
New users should read the Guide to Creating an Account.

Need Help?
If parents have problems using the online payment system, they can contact the Contact Finance Office at Harrow Way.

Make a Payment Online

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