This morning we woke to falling snow, which although is very pretty and great for conditions, is also very challenging when you can’t see where you’re going.  Hence, there were lots of stories at the end of the day; grossly exaggerated of course, of people bashing into each other or falling because they couldn’t see. (Nothing to do with technique!) Everyone had great fun in the powder and we’re looking forward to an excellent day tomorrow as the snow is still falling and the forecast looks good.

The highlight of the day has to be Mrs Cook’s attempt to cause chaos by stopping a chair lift, IMG_9019although to be fair some random person decided to push her off the chair into the ditch beside the lift.  The whole system had to be stopped as the attendant pulled Mrs Cook out of the snow and helped her get back onto the chair. When the lift stopped Mr Hudson said to Miss Escritt, “Please don’t let that be her!” and so they turned around to see the commotion and could barely contain their mirth, then promptly tried to disown her at the top of the lift.  Who says it’s just kids that have fun!

Tonight we went to the local 10 pin bowling alley where everyone joined in a well-contested battle of the bowling balls.  Georgina B reigned supreme.

Meanwhile, back at base, all is quiet except for the gentle snoring of the little cherubs!  They’ve been fantastic and are making the most of their opportunities.