IMG_9195IMG_2616IMG_9196Well, we’ve certainly had all sorts of weather this week; mostly superb, but today we have experienced what it is like to ski in a foot of fresh snow. Not easy! Visibility was shocking and everyone had to put on their ‘stiff upper lip’ and get on with it. The groups went out to take their ski ability tests so that the instructors, Seb, Lou Lou and Greg, could assess their levels of achievement. We are so proud of them all as they have skied their socks off!  After  their 5 hours of tuition today the instructors came back to the hotel to present them all with their certificates and badges. Sorry, some of the photos were blurred but we’ve posted all of them anyway.

Tonight we all went down to the next town to ice skate. Very funny!

We’re packed; all of the shattered students are in bed and asleep and very much looking forward to seeing their families tomorrow evening. Be gentle with them as they have had a very exhausting week and done their parents and the school proud. The hotel manager and the other schools’ staff staying in the hotel have commented on how well this week has gone. The atmosphere has been superb!