Welcome to the History Department

How do you know who you are unless you know where you’ve come from? How can you tell what is going to happen unless you know what has happened before? History isn’t just about the past, it is about why we are who we are, and about what is next. – Tony Robinson

History at Harrow Way continues to be an increasingly popular subject amongst Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students.

Our aim is to provide quality History lessons that are accessible to all, in a safe and welcoming environment. We strive to ensure that the value of every child is recognised and we assist them in achieving to the best of their ability.

History at Harrow Way endeavours to enable all students to understand the past that has shaped the world in which they live and in doing so, build up a greater appreciation of the contemporary world and are equipped to take their place in shaping the future.

The History Department is dedicated to the study of History and thoroughly believe that it is one of the most important and fascinating subjects in the National Curriculum. It is one of the only subjects allows the student to explore a diversity of periods, people, societies, places and events. The study of History puts the present into perspective as no other subject does, which places an important and significant responsibility on those who teach it.

History is all around us on TV, in newspapers, on bookshelves and at the cinema. At Harrow Way, we believe that History forces students to ask questions about particular people, events or cultures not just Where and When but more importantly, Why and How. As a department, we encourage our young Historians to think about these questions and discover the past for themselves, and in so doing, form their own opinions whilst developing their own analytical and reasoning skills.

Curriculum Content

Key Stage 3

Year 7

In year 7 we explore the wonders of Stonehenge and life in the Neolithic. We then study the impact of the Norman invasion and ask how far it changed life in Britain. We explore the lives and beliefs of ordinary people and the impact of major events such as the Black Death and the Peasants’ Revolt. Students finish their Year 7 History studies by looking at the rule of the Tudors before examining the causes and impact of the English Civil War.

Year 8

The first part of Year 8 centres around the study of Industrial Britain. We explore why Britain became the workshop of the World and how this huge change impacted on people’s lives. We ask if Britain should be proud of its empire and examine the reasons for the ending of the Slave trade. Finally, students explore the causes, events and impact of the First World War.

Year 9

In Year 9 students explore a broad and diverse study of Britain and the wider world through source analysis, period studies, historical environment analysis, thematically and in-depth. Students will be stimulated to engage in historical enquiry and progress as independent learners and as critical reflective thinkers in preparation for Key Stage 4.

  • The significance of World War I
  • The Rise of the dictators in Europe
  • Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918 – 1939
  • The Holocaust

Key Stage 4

Year 10 & 11

At GCSE students will follow the new Edexcel GCSE History specification, which covers the following topics:

  • Crime and Punishment 1000-2000 including a Whitechapel local study
  • Early Elizabethan England 1558-1588
  • Super Power Relations 1941-1991 USA and the Cold War
  • Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918 – 1939

Historic Journeys at Harrow Way

Our History Department strongly believe in the importance that outside of the classroom learning has on students of all ages. It is because of this that we are delighted to be able to offer a new selection of trips for all year groups. We hope that these educational experiences will benefit the personal growth and historical understanding of all students.

Year 7

Warwick Castle – This visit, in the Spring Term, gives Year 7 students the opportunity to visit a Medieval castle and independently investigate its purpose and examine the defence structure of the building.

Year 8

Imperial War Museum and the London Dungeons – This visit, again the Spring Term, will provide our year 8 Historians the opportunity to bring to life some of the work we complete around the First and Second World Wars. The Imperial War Museum houses an incredible collection of items and they really bring the story to life. The London Dungeon offers our students a sneaky peak at what is coming in year 10 and our study of Crime and Punishment.

Year 9, 10 & 11

Berlin – This three night trip in the Autumn term aims to support the new specification on Nazi Germany 1918-1939 and Superpower Relations. The visit will take in the History of Berlin, looking at the impact of Hitler and Nazis and taking in the realities of life during the Cold War.

Year 10

London – A one day visit to London to support the new specification on Elizabethan England, Crime and Punishment and Whitechapel. Students will visit the Clink Prison followed by the Tower of London and then complete a walking tour of Whitechapel.

Year 11

School History Scene – Inquisition of Elizabeth. This revision trip aims at assisting Year 11 Historians in their revision on Early Elizabethan England. Students will see theatrical performances and seminars, which are focused on the GCSE course, providing them with a very different and exciting way of revising.