We had a lovely surprise today when the weather forecast given did not materialise.  Having had the big dump of snow a couple of days ago, the sky stayed clear all day and gave us the bonus of perfect conditions once again.

All groups have skied exceptionally well, racing around various parts of the mountain; some more upright than others! Adam B managed an impressive face plant this morning and was mortified that Cerys missed it with her headcam. Connor Mc managed to execute a perfect jump and was feeling extremely pleased with himself, however a lapse in concentration during his run out meant that he didn’t see an obstacle in his way and had a massive wipe out right in front of the teachers. You snooze, you lose!


The beginners amused us this afternoon as they tried to progress their skills further. Most of them thought that skiing was on two legs, but the instructor insisted that they keep skiing on one. Carnage ensued!

We’ve got a ‘chill out’ evening tonight, with a movie. So they’ve all managed to grab a beanbag and rest their aching limbs; in fact, a couple of them have actually fallen asleep as we type. Bless their sweaty ski socks!