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Year 11 GCSE exam & other results – 22nd August 2019

August 20th, 2019 Comments off

All Year  11 students are invited to the school between 10am and midday to collect their exam results. The envelopes will be distributed from the auditorium where members of staff will be available to support you.

If you are unable to attend and have not requested that your results are emailed to you by Mrs Cook, any uncollected envelopes will be posted first class to your home address.

A walk in the park … and very pretty it was too!

October 13th, 2015 Comments off

IMAG4578On Friday 2nd October, Mrs GibbsIMAG4551 from the Art Department took Year 10 Art students to visit the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens at Ampfield near Romsey, where they viewed the “Art in the Garden 2015” exhibition including exhibits from Harrow Way students, collected visual information for their Natural World Form project, photographed and drew natural forms from life and collected plant materials. The students took part in many activities and had a thoroughly productive and enjoyable afternoon in the autumnal sunshine.

IMAG4547 IMAG4553 IMAG4628

Final Ski Blog

February 10th, 2015 Comments off

IMG_7284Thursday was a testing day for the students as the cloud crept up the valley and shrouded our resort in thick fog. However, after catching the ski lift up the mountain, the fog was replaced by clear skies and the wonderful feeling and views of skiing above the clouds. Dropping back down was a different matter and the students got to experience skiing in poor visibility, a completely new sensation where you have to feel rather than see the mountain. They all coped fantastically well and came back full of exuberance and epic tales of the day. Read more…

Snow Buddy does it better – by Gnarly Snowman

February 4th, 2015 Comments off

IMG_7155This year’s school of ski sledglings have been one of the best we have ever had, so it’s all downhill from here!  The top group ventured off to VT (as the cool kids say or Val Thorens to you).  VT is the highest ski resort in Europe, but the group could have been on top of the world as they passed through the resort and followed the valley back to Les Menuires.

The second group made it down to St Martin (the lowest part of the valley) with a few off piste detours along the way. Mrs Cook’s highlight from this adventure was watching Aaron trying to limbo under a barrier he had encountered. Once he had realised that his tall frame could not bend under the obstacle he decided to do a funny jumpy roundy dance movement which shook off one of his skis. He then started to do the slippy-slippy-shake downwards to the safety of the piste forgetting that his other ski was up the slope. Read more…

‘The Ski Cross Code’

February 3rd, 2015 Comments off

IMG_0329Tomorrow we are going to introduce a new game called ‘The Ski Cross Code’ which includes ‘look right, look left and check your boots again’.

This morning we set off with one of the groups and after an hour one of the skiers realised that his boots weren’t very comfortable and started to look around at the others’.  He noticed that his buckles were done up on the other side and finally the penny dropped that he had put them on the wrong feet at the beginning of the lesson. So, after we had all fallen about laughing, the instructor commented on how when he teaches toddlers he always checks their boots, but thought that these teenagers would have known better. So Zac, when you get home your mission is to learn left from right! Right?
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S’now wonder we like skiing

February 2nd, 2015 Comments off

IMG_0144CRASH, BANG WALLOP, what a picture! Today the sun reared its beautiful head over the summit and the students were in awe of the breath-taking scenery; even better, they could see where they were skiing. Although it still didn’t stop a few going in to each other. (You know who you are!)

The top group experienced powder skiing today and it brought a new meaning to ‘powdering one’s nose’. IMG_0263Several students even tasted it! Jammie Dodger could barely stand up because the snow was so deep. Tyler managed to find a frozen stream and his ski got stuck to it so that the instructor had to come to his rescue and pull his ski free.
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The Blizzard of Ours (Oz)

February 1st, 2015 Comments off

IMAG3660[1]Where did that Sunday go? It passed in a blur of cloud ‘coz we couldn’t see a thing, which the students coped with well.  Les Menuires is a fabulous resort but unfortunately the kids haven’t seen it yet; we’re still waiting to catch the first glimpse of the mountains. Although we haven’t seen them, we have felt them as a few people have hit the deck.

IMG_0063Ross B takes the ‘Crash of the Day’ award closely followed by Miss Escritt. Ross decided to go for an unintentional attempt at the world speed record and forgot that his skis had edges to stop.  Miss Escritt, however had no excuses considering her experience, she’s just old! Skiing without much viability is not an easy thing to do, but we are from Harrow Way and very resilient.
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We are family – We’ve got snow right up to the knee! (by the Sisters Sledging)

January 31st, 2015 Comments off

We’re back by popular demand; thanks, loyal followers (all two of you!)IMAG3648
Our itinerary has gone according to plan and run smoothly today. Everyone was at the school on time for our departure; the airport check-in passed without incident and we’re here at the resort, fed and watered, albeit a little bleary-eyed.

During the comfort stop on our journey up to Les Menuires, our entertainment for the day was when Frankie went toIMG_6975 put her rubbish in the bin and it tipped over due to the weight of at least half a metre of snow on its lid.  Frankie’s face was an absolute picture.

We’re very excited and can’t wait to hit the slopes tomorrow; preferably upright. Conditions are just amazing; avid skiers would give an arm and a leg to experience what we have here. (Excuse the pun!)

We received a warm welcome at the Hotel Skilt from Kevin, Sue and staff as we know from previous trips, that their hard work will ensure our students will have a great time.

This year it appears to be the ‘Year of the Onesey’ except for Josh D who has brought his ‘Halfsey’. He informed us thatIMG_6973 the pyjama bottoms he is wearing are the ones he had for his 6th birthday. He appears to have grown somewhat as they only just cover his knees. Suits you sir!
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Documents for Final Parents’ Evening – Thursday 22nd January at 7.00pm

January 20th, 2015 Comments off

Netball Results – Wednesday 3rd December

December 5th, 2014 Comments off

Year 10/11 v John Hanson
HW 10 – JHS 9

Team: Jess Lee (Best Player), Keira Grimison, Holly Healy, Cerys Cousins, Britney Enright, Ella Taylor, Leonie Pitts, Tia Dewhurst

Year 9 v John Hanson
HW 11 – JHS 2

Team: Rebecca Barnes (Best Player), Louisa Jones, Shelby Truscott, Georgia Healy, Charlotte Humphrey, Georgina Butler, Emma Hunter, Tash-Ann Henry