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March 9th, 2018


Mrs Tanya Hampton
Mrs T Hampton
Chair of Governors

I was brought up in Andover and am proud to say I was a student at Harrow Way School. As I live and work locally, I want to support and give something back to the community and would like to do all I can to ensure Harrow Way becomes the first school of choice for all its catchment families. My son is currently a student at the school.

I have been a Governor at Harrow Way School since 2010. I was appointed a Parent Governor initially and am now a Co-Opted Governor. I am Chair of the Students and Curriculum Committee and Vice Chair of the Governing body.

I currently work in education and therefore have an insight into the very challenging political and financial issues facing all of our schools. I also know that being a parent affords me a view from both sides of the fence, which gives me a rounded view of school life.

I am the Parent Governor representative of the Governing Body, which I joined in 2006. My children have been students at the school and I currently have a child studying at the school. I am Chair of the Performance, Planning and Development Committee and a member of the Students and Curriculum and Finance and General Purposes Committees. I am also the Anti-bullying Governor, which provides the board with a link into the fantastic work the school undertakes to ensure all of our students feel safe and know they have somewhere to go if they need help and support.

I live and work locally and want to do all I can to support the school in providing the best possible education to all its students within a safe, tolerant and happy environment.

P Wilkins
Mr P Wilkins
Vice Chair of Governors

Mr M Serridge
Mr M Serridge
Headteacher / Governor

I am the Head Teacher at Harrow Way Community School. I have been in post since September 2012, having previously worked at Eggar’s School, Alton Hampshire. This was graded ‘Outstanding’ in all areas on 2 occasions by Ofsted. I have been a qualified Ofsted inspector, a specialist leader of education (SLE) and a data consultant for the SSAT. I have worked in 3 Hampshire Schools over a period of 25 years.

Harrow Way was inspected in July 2013. Ofsted commented that “The Head Teacher has high expectations of the school, which is shared with staff, students, governors and parents. His aspirations for student permeate the school and are shared by senior and middle leaders, who support his commitment and vision. These factors contribute significantly to the schools very strong capacity for further improvement.”

Originally from Yorkshire I moved to Andover in 1999. I became a Governor mainly because both my children are students at Harrow Way and I wanted to play an active part in their educational welfare.
My background is in electrical engineering have served 30 years in industry. I currently am Managing Director for a group of engineering companies based in Romsey.
My aim is to support the Head Master and the staff at Harrow Way to ensure that the school provides a safe educational platform for each student to attain the best start they can during their short time at school.

Mr D Burrows
LA Governor

Mr L Cherrington
Parent Governor

I moved to Andover in March 2004 and have been a Governor at Harrow Way since February 2014, taking over as Chair of the Governing Body in September 2015.

I became a Governor so that I could support the School in its vision to be outstanding, a process that is moving in the right direction. I come from a strong background in engineering and management, so have an enquiring mind and I am keen to support and challenge the school whenever it is needed.

I have previously been a Chair of Governors at a Junior School and have followed my children into the Harrow Way Community. My son has progressed through the school in to college having received outstanding support enabling him to achieve his goals; my daughter is now in year 8 and is already exceeding our expectations. I want success for all our students and ensure that they are learning for life so that they can achieve their maximum potential.

I strongly believe the Harrow Way is the right way.

I live and work in Andover and have been a member of the Governing body since 2015. I am a co-opted member and also a parent of a pupil who attends the school. I am very passionate about ensuring the needs of all children are met and am the nominated Governor for Special Educational Needs. I am chair of the Pay Committee and sit on the staffing and Students and Curriculum committees.

I work for a local for a National company as a strategy manager and am also been a Test Valley Borough Councillor for Harroway Ward since 2002. I work tirelessly to ensure my local community offers the best possible facilities for everyone and believe in being an active participant if you want to drive change for the best possible outcomes.

C Borg-neal
Mr C Borg-Neal

S Grover
Mrs S Grover

I have lived in Andover all my life and am happy to say I was a student at Harrow Way School. I live locally and work for the Ministry of Defence. Both my children have been students at Harrow Way and the eldest is now a teacher in a local primary school and my other daughter is currently at Winchester University studying to become a teacher.

I have been a Governor at Harrow Way School since 2001. I was appointed a Parent Governor initially and am now a Co-Opted Governor. I am Chair of the Finance and General Purposes Committee.

My role within the MOD is within the finance department so I understand the issues facing public sector departments and the squeeze on budgets. The processes within both departments are very similar.

Due to both children still being involved within education, allows me to have a good insight into what is happening and the impact certain initiatives are having also having been a parent allows me to have balanced view.

I was born in West London. I joined the London Borough of Hillingdon from school and received financial training including Mortgage Applications, Income processing and Debt Recovery. I stayed with the Income Section for nearly 13 years. In 1990 my Husband’s job took us to West Virginia, USA where we lived for for 4 years. Perfect, this allowed me luxury of not having to work during this time but to spend time at home with our young children. We returned to the UK moving to the outskirts of Andover.

I Joined Harrow Way Community School in 1996.

As part of my role as a Finance Assistant I was responsible for attending Finance Committee Meetings to present and answer questions regarding the Annual Budget and Monthly Budgetary Control Statements. In June 2001 I formally joined the Governing Body of HWCS as a Staff Governor and to date, as Bursar, still provide the financial data presented to the F&GP Committee. I also serve on the Staffing Committee.

I have seen many changes during my time at HWCS, serving three Head Teachers and Chair of Governors.

Mrs D Burton
Staff Governor

Mr G Davis
Co-opted Governor

As an ex-pupil myself and now employed by the school since 2003 as IT Network Manager, I have a long history with Harrow Way and have worked with the previous three Head Teachers.

My job sees me working closely with staff across the school, a wide cross section of students, the SLT, feeder (and other local) primary schools, the local authority and external agencies. This work gives me a very broad insight into the functioning of Harrow Way and informs input I’m able to provide as a staff governor. I also work with young people leading outdoor education activities in Hampshire outdoor centres and with a computer gaming company where I help to provide technical infrastructure for the largest gaming festivals in the UK.

I am committed to helping ensure that Harrow Way’s students are provided with the best possible individual opportunities, be they academic, practical or extra-curricular.

I have lived and worked in the Andover area for over 30 years. I am a Production Engineer by qualification and spent much of my later career as a Programme Manager in the MOD with responsibility for multi-million pound projects. I am also the Chairman of a small maintenance company looking after a block 4 flats in the Christchurch area.

In 2012 I took early retirement and now work as a self employed gardener in and around the Andover area. With fewer responsibilities, more time, and a desire to put something back into the community I became a School Governor in 2014. I am a co-opted Governor and sit on the Finance and General Purpose Committee where my financial management skills and my knowledge regarding Health and Safety can be used to best effect.

M Dovey
Mr M Dovey
Health & Safety Link Governor

K Peebles
Mr K Peebles
Co-opted Governor

I am currently a Lead Practitioner for ICT & Computing. Having taught for over 20 years in 11-18 schools, I have been fortunate to have worked in a number of outstanding schools in my time. I have previously been a school Governor in one of my previous schools, and believe with my range of experiences I can make a significant contribution to the Governing Body and the School. My aim is to relentlessly support the school on its journey to outstanding.
I became a governor of Harrow Way School because: (i) I have always had an interest in education, (ii) it is my catchment school, (iii) and I am committed to a state-funded, comprehensive education system that maximises opportunities for children of all abilities and backgrounds.

I have been a member of The Governing Body of Harrow Way Community School since 2013. I am a member of the Student and Curriculum Committee and I am strongly supportive of what the senior staff are striving to achieve at Harrow Way, but I am a critical friend when necessary in order to develop and improve the school.

I am a Chemistry graduate and I have spent most of my working life to date as scientific information and patent documentation researcher in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and chemistry industry. In my university years I used to be a tutor of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics to years 10 to 13 students, and I understand how important it is that our students reach a good level at the end of year 11 which sets the foundation for their further studies or vocational careers.

Mrs N Vila-Bosch
Mrs N Vila-Bosch
Co-opted Governor

A Thomson
Mr A Thomson
Co-opted Governor

I was educated at Portobello High, a 2000+ pupil, comprehensive school in Edinburgh. This gave me an excellent start in life and enabled me to go to University (in the days before fees and loans). I want Harrow Way’s pupils to get the same opportunity I was given to achieve academic (and sporting) success. I am a resident of Saxon Fields.

After 25 years in the Army I now run an infrastructure company that delivers all the Army’s facilities in Tidworth, Bulford and Larkhill. I therefore take a keen interest in the school’s infrastructure and the cleaning, catering and repair services it receives. As a company director I wish to ensure the school is run on a sound financial basis. I am also a Governor of a Scottish University.

I have a keen interest in education having been involved professionally both in the UK and abroad. I have been based in the Andover area for 12 years, recently serving 5 of them as an authority appointed governor for a local secondary special needs school.

My academic background is scientific. I am Fellow of the Geological Society. My interests include many aspects of contemporary science and the promoting of PUS [ Public Understanding of Science].

I spent 10 years in international relief work – field managing aid programmes centring on education, primary health care and humanitarian emergency relief. My work included postings in Zambia, South Sudan, Kenya, Aceh [tsunami relief] and Darfur.

I have also managed mineral exploration projects in Africa. I have two sons who attend Harrow Way.

Children have a right to quality education and I believe governors should do all they can to support this goal.

Mr M Fowler
Co-opted Governor

Lt Col S Lockwood
Co-opted Governor

I am a successful and accomplished British Army Officer with 37 years meritorious service. I am very experienced with proven success at strategic planning, change management, human resources, operations management with demonstrable leadership qualities in often very difficult environments; including international management of senior stakeholders, facilities management, logistics, training and administration.

I am a co-opted governor and have lived in Andover since Feb 2017. My role as a Governor, is to hold the teaching and administration staff of the school to account on behalf of the Local Education Authority and parents of the pupils at Harrow Way. To do this I will challenge processes, avoid the status quo and continually develop myself to ensure I am in a position to guide, help and assist within the roles I am given.

I will always; innovate at every opportunity; take time to think things through; ask questions and be a good listener.

I am a co-opted Governor, who has lived in Andover since 2000. After a comprehensive school education in South Wales I trained as a PE teacher before joining the Army in 1988. My 18 years’ service covered a wide range of training and education posts, including work on dyslexia and basic literacy and numeracy. I have run my own training consultancy business since 2006, although I have also been a lay member of the Nursing and Midwifery Council and General Social Care Council.

My particular interest is in SEND and safeguarding issues. As an ex-Welsh hockey international I am also a keen supporter of sport in school.

Mrs J Thomson
Co-opted Governor

Mr S Ball
Co-opted Governor

I am a former pupil and currently have a child at Harrow Way. Since leaving the school I remained in full time education including college and university and latterly studied part-time whilst in full time employment so have a strong belief in the importance of education throughout life.

I am a qualified accountant working in industry, with a passion for finance I feel that financial competence can be learned early. I am a director of private companies and want to share some of that experience with the governing body.

Mrs T Roberts Clerk to the Governors I was appointed as Clerk to Governing Body in September 2017. I have a vast amount of experience in Human Resources, Business, Administration and Project Management, which enables me to give a full guidance and support service to the Governing Body.

Membership of Governors’ Committees

Planning, Performance & Development Mr L Cherrington, Mrs S Grover, Mrs T Hampton, Mr M Serridge, Mr P Wilkins,
Staffing & Pay Mrs D Burton, Mr Carl Borg-Neal, Mr L Cherrington, Mrs S Grover, Mrs T Hampton, Mr S Lockwood, Mr M Serridge
Finance & General Purposes Mr S Ball, Mr D Burrows, Mrs D Burton, Mr G Davis, Mr M Dovey, Mrs S Grover, Mr K Peebles, Mr M Serridge, Mr A Thomson, Mr P Wilkins
Students/Curriculum Mr C Borg-Neal, Mr L Cherrington, Mr M Fowler, Mrs S Grover, Mrs T Hampton, Mr S Lockwood, Mr K Peebles, Mr M Serridge, Mrs J Thomson, Mr P Wilkins, Mrs N Vila-Bosch

Link Governors

Each governor is linked to a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) as part of the ‘Link Governors’ scheme.

The details of which governor is linked to which member of SLT are given below:

Post Post Holder Link Governor
Headteacher Mr Mike Serridge Mrs Tanya Hampton
Deputy Head Teacher Quality of Provision and Effectiveness Miss Caroline Lowing Mr David Burrows
Deputy Head Teacher Achievement and Standards Mrs Nicola Pearce Mrs Allan Thomson
Assistant Head Teacher – Teaching and Learning and Professional Development Miss Rachel Atherton Mrs Tanya Hampton
Assistant Head Teacher – Operations, Systems and Intervention Mr Graeme Fluellen Mrs Nuria Vila-Bosch
Assistant Head Teacher – Inclusion, Behaviour and Welfare Mrs Katy Woods Mr Paul Wilkins
Assistant Head Teacher – SEND Mrs Dawn German Mrs Jane Thomson
Health and Safety Link Governor Mr Mark Dovey
Safeguarding Link Governor Mrs Tanya Hampton
Anti-Bullying Link Governor Mr Paul Wilkins
More Able Student Link Governor Mrs Nuria Vila-Bosch
Pupil Premium Link Governor Mr Giles Davis
Equality Link Governor Mrs Tanya Hampton
Behaviour & Inclusion Link Governor Mr Paul Wilkins
Finance Link Governor Mrs Susan Grover
Staffing Link Governor Mr Steve Lockwood
Monitoring, Evaluation & Data Link Governors Mr David Burrows & Mr Allan Thomson

Governors Committee Memberships
Governor Details 2017-2018
Governors Registry of Interest
Governors Attendance 15-16

Governance Queries

For any Governance related queries, including requests for meeting minutes, information on how to become a Governor or other documentation, please contact the Clerk to the Governors, Mrs T Roberts Contact in the first instance with your request.

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