Welcome to the Health & Social Care Department

Health and Social Care is a BTEC level 1/2 Tech award course. The course is a vocational qualification which means students have many outside speakers and practical learning is encouraged. The course gives learners the opportunity to develop sector specific knowledge, understanding and skills. Pupils are expected to take part in a variety of speaking and listening activities, the ability to work both with peers and independently is essential to each student successfully participating in the course.

Curriculum Content

Year 9

The course covers all fundamental aspects of the BTEC qualification. Students will study Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social development throughout the different life stages and will be assessed termly through formal written work and assessments. Aspects of these assessments will include gaining the skills to answer BTEC assessment study based questions and preparing pupils with the knowledge and skills they will need to complete a BTEC level 2 Tech award in Health and Social Care in Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 4

Year 10

In Year 10 students will complete assessment component 1 and 2, Health and Social Care Service and Values which include; Health and social care services, barriers to accessing services, care values and reviewing own application of care values. Human Lifespan and Development. Content will include; the main life stages, PIES growth and development, factors impacting growth and development, different types of life events and coping with change caused by life events. The assessments will allow for engagement of the course on a practical level. Both assessment component 1 and two are internally assessed.

Year 11

In Year 11 students will complete the final synoptic external assessment, component 3, Health and Wellbeing. The assessment builds on knowledge, understanding and skills acquired and developed in components 1 and 2. Pupils will be given a case study and will assess an individual’s health and wellbeing and design a health and wellbeing improvement plan. The assessment is under supervised conditions and 3 hours will be given to complete the task.