IMG_8688‘First timers are to be deeply envied. No skier will ever again have as much fun falling over and laughing uncontrollably at everything.’

Today we woke to 15 to 20 cm of fresh snow. This would have been fantastic if we could have seen it. Unfortunately, the mist came down and the gorillas had to go out in it. Despite that, we have all had an absolutely fantastic day. We were introduced to three insane Frenchmen who happened to be our ski instructors, who, before they would take our ski groups out on the piste, insisted that we took a photograph of them for our album. They provided our students with excellent instruction and offered comic entertainment all day long as well.  Not only will the kids sleep well tonight; the instructors will too as they were exhausted! Top tip today from Sebastian was to try and keep skies in contact with the snow and NOT to fly like a bird.  Talk about stating the obvious!

IMG_1962Luke nearly had a lesson in facial shaving today when Connor went a cropper and his ski went flying through the air. Luckily, Luke is a very skilful skier and he managed to get out of the way. Of course, we always knew where the girls were, as they managed to screech their way around the mountain.

IMG_2001Tonight’s evening entertainment was to go out on the piste immediately outside the front door of the hotel to bum board.  These students are seriously multi-talented! To stay on one of those boards is no easy feat!

The ski family has been absolutely fantastic in every respect! (But it’s always nice when they’re tucked up in bed, fast asleep!)

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