School should give children the wherewithal to participate, to make choices, to understand and to be free to think, to explore, to test their values and to find meaning in their lives.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum, allowing students to develop a passion for learning across a wide variety of subjects. Our aim is to provide an excellent education for all our students; an education which brings out the best in all of them and prepares them for success in life.

Our curriculum is designed to provide children with the core knowledge they need for success in education and later life, to maximise their cognitive development, to develop the whole person and the talents of the individual and to allow all children to lead happy, fulfilled lives and to take an active and purposeful role in society. By drawing on the best that’s been thought, said and done in each subject, we hope that our curriculum enables children to appreciate and participate in the full richness of the human experience.

Our vision at Harrow Way is to deliver a knowledge-rich curriculum that is cohesive, cumulative and highly sequenced. It is academic, rigorous and challenging, and designed with long-term memory in mind; students’ knowledge, skills and understanding are cemented by frequent and systematic revisiting.

The curriculum is progressive in quality and quantity across the years and key stages, and mapped in precise detail. This ensures consistency and a shared understanding of high learning expectations.