Internet Safety & Anti-Bullying

May 13th, 2016

At Harrow Way Community School we strive to ensure that we create an environment where everyone including staff, students and parents feels included, happy and safe to flourish in our school. We work closely with our community to build a respectful and caring school where we accept and respect difference. Our Anti-Bullying Charter is a shared agreement of how we will treat each other and indicates that as a school we work proactively, and take seriously any concerns raised.

The Anti-Bullying Charter can be found in all student planners or here.

If someone does something or says something that you don’t like, don’t retaliate, tell someone.

If you feel that you or someone you know is being bullied it is important to tell someone, this could be the tutor, head of year, there is a support button on the VLE or the form below could be used.

Social Networking

The school has recently been dealing with a number of issues arising from social networking sites, including Facebook. First of all, can I please remind you to follow age restrictions which apply to the various sites. Secondly, if you do use such sites, please make sure that you set your privacy settings correctly to stop unwanted approaches to your account. It is extremely important that you operate as safely as possible at all times.

Websites offering guidance on internet safety:

NSPCC Share Aware

CEOP – for advice help or to make a report to the Child Exploitation and Online protection Centre

Childnet International – Know It All

Parents Protect

The Department for Education have released a helpful information leaflet for parents regarding cyber bullying. Not only does it have useful information but also contact numbers of many phone providers and social networking sites, in case you need to contact them with a concern or a complaint

Bullying Support Form
If you are being bullied or have witnessed bullying, fill in the form below to seek help and assistance.

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Joint agreement on the use of social networking sites

The following has been agreed by the schools of the North West Hampshire Education Improvement Partnership (listed below) in order to protect and support our students and staff:

Andover Education Centre
Harrow Way Community School
John Hanson Community School
The Mark Way School
Test Valley School
Testbourne Community School
Winton Community Academy

Social networking sites are an inevitable part of many students’ everyday lives. It is recognised that for the vast majority, these sites are used in a proper and respectful manner. This agreement is made to deal with those instances where sites have been used inappropriately, in order to ensure a united and consistent approach across the region. All those party to this agreement do so with the aim of ensuring that all students and staff are free to work in a safe environment where learning is central and not undermined.

Accordingly, any case of offensive, harmful, libellous or otherwise inappropriate postings/messages on social networking sites, or any subscription to a posting which is directed towards any student, employee or Governor within the school community, will be treated as a very serious matter. In any such instance, the school to which the student belongs will trigger its discipline/behaviour policy, putting the individual at risk of exclusion.

Any questions or concerns relating to this agreement should be directed in the first instance to the Head of the school concerned.

Childnet International

Childnet’s multi award-winning suite of education resources designed to help educate parents, teachers and young people about safe and positive use of the internet can be found by using the following link. KnowITall

Currently there are 4 KIA (KnowITall) resources for Parents and Carers, Secondary Schools, Primary Schools and Trainee Teachers and all four resources include content for young people. You can access all these here online for free.

Anti Bullying

To highlight this year’s National Anti-Bullying Week, we are aiming to raise the awareness of this serious issue.

A copy of the ‘Stay Safe in Cyberspace’ poster can be found here

A copy of ‘Cyberbullying: Advice for Parents and Carers’ can be found here

The Anti Bullying Network website can offer support and information for all ages:

The school’s Anti-Bullying Charter can be viewed here.

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