IMG_7155This year’s school of ski sledglings have been one of the best we have ever had, so it’s all downhill from here!  The top group ventured off to VT (as the cool kids say or Val Thorens to you).  VT is the highest ski resort in Europe, but the group could have been on top of the world as they passed through the resort and followed the valley back to Les Menuires.

The second group made it down to St Martin (the lowest part of the valley) with a few off piste detours along the way. Mrs Cook’s highlight from this adventure was watching Aaron trying to limbo under a barrier he had encountered. Once he had realised that his tall frame could not bend under the obstacle he decided to do a funny jumpy roundy dance movement which shook off one of his skis. He then started to do the slippy-slippy-shake downwards to the safety of the piste forgetting that his other ski was up the slope.

IMG_7237One of the beginners groups managed to ascend the Mont de la Chambre (one of the highest points of the valley) and skied all the way back to the resort before going half way up and then down the other side of the valley, La Masse, all before a well-earned lunch. In the afternoon they enjoyed a more leisurely pootle to Le Bettaix. On the way Zac fell over once and lost a ski trying to avoid going off piste. Having composed himself he then took two more turns before topping his previous effort by losing both skis. He went down like a Zac of potatoes!

We caught up with the other beginners group while they were returning to Les Menuires. We were astounded by how far they had progressed in their 3 full days on the slopes. Their control on some of the steeper parts of their journey was fantastic and they should be rightly proud of how they have come on.

IMG_7257Tonight’s entertainment took the party to different heights when they visited ‘Speed Mountain’ which was an on-rail toboggan. Students could control their speed by using the on-board braking system, but most of our daredevils just let gravity take control. A thrilling end to a most wonderful day!

Hope you enjoy the photos.