IMG_0329Tomorrow we are going to introduce a new game called ‘The Ski Cross Code’ which includes ‘look right, look left and check your boots again’.

This morning we set off with one of the groups and after an hour one of the skiers realised that his boots weren’t very comfortable and started to look around at the others’.  He noticed that his buckles were done up on the other side and finally the penny dropped that he had put them on the wrong feet at the beginning of the lesson. So, after we had all fallen about laughing, the instructor commented on how when he teaches toddlers he always checks their boots, but thought that these teenagers would have known better. So Zac, when you get home your mission is to learn left from right! Right?

The Cousins boys have continued to stick together as cousins should, but perhaps not at speed on a pair of skis. They managed a good wipe-out but all is well and they’re both still intact. That’s what you call ‘kissing cousins’.

A couple of the groups have skied amongst the trees today following a very narrow trail which is like a bobsleigh run which, once on it, you can’t get off and you get faster and faster.  Ross managed to wrap himself around a tree; thankfully with nothing but a big cheesy grin to show for it.

Another of the groups made its way down to St Martin de Bellville which is the town at the bottom of the valley. Many of the students were in awe of the scenery on the way down and just wanted to appreciate their surroundings. Today’s conditions, weather and snow, were exceptional.

Quiz night tonight, which went very well and good fun was had by all. Everyone is worn out so getting them to bed had been an easy task.

There are plenty more photos for you all to see what a fab experience we are all having. Enjoy!