We’re back by popular demand; thanks, loyal followers (all two of you!)IMAG3648
Our itinerary has gone according to plan and run smoothly today. Everyone was at the school on time for our departure; the airport check-in passed without incident and we’re here at the resort, fed and watered, albeit a little bleary-eyed.

During the comfort stop on our journey up to Les Menuires, our entertainment for the day was when Frankie went toIMG_6975 put her rubbish in the bin and it tipped over due to the weight of at least half a metre of snow on its lid.  Frankie’s face was an absolute picture.

We’re very excited and can’t wait to hit the slopes tomorrow; preferably upright. Conditions are just amazing; avid skiers would give an arm and a leg to experience what we have here. (Excuse the pun!)

We received a warm welcome at the Hotel Skilt from Kevin, Sue and staff as we know from previous trips, that their hard work will ensure our students will have a great time.

This year it appears to be the ‘Year of the Onesey’ except for Josh D who has brought his ‘Halfsey’. He informed us thatIMG_6973 the pyjama bottoms he is wearing are the ones he had for his 6th birthday. He appears to have grown somewhat as they only just cover his knees. Suits you sir!

The students are now wrapped up in their onesies and halvesies, but we really are struggling to read 37 different bedtime stories in order to contribute towards Harrow Way’s Literacy Strategy.