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October 3rd, 2014

Welcome to the Harrow Way Farm

With the help of staff, groups of students have met the challenge of setting up and running our farm – digging beds, growing vegetables, mucking out, feeding the animals and exercising the goats!

Select a farm webcam to view:

Goat CAM Birdbox CAM

Video Prospectus – Outdoor Learning Zone

Meet the animals:

Chickens: We have 12 chickens and all are laying. They live with the goats and enjoy scratching around, making eggs and taking long walks in the rain. Thanks to our chickens and the sales of their eggs, we are getting closer to our goal of being self-sufficient.
Goats: They are 2 Pygmy Wethers. They enjoy play-fighting with each other, not-so-play fighting with some of their other visitors and staying up late (See the webcam!)
Rabbits: The rabbits were the first to move in to the farm. They live in 2 separate cages and enjoy eating!
Guinea Pigs: We have 3 at present and they can be heard making a lot of noise at feeding time.
Ducks Pic Ducks: We have 3 ducks at present, they enjoy their paddling pool and chasing the chickens.

FARM Resources:

The Polytunnel: Harrow Way School is the proud owner of a 50sqm polytunnel. We hope to be growing vegetables and flowers in the tunnel.
Farm Shop: With the help of our polytunnel and our chickens’ eggs, later in the year we hope to set up a small ‘shop’, supplying staff and students with our produce, in exchange for a small donation.

Many thanks to all the students involved and to the school staff, Mr Badby, Mr Essop, Mr Peters, Mrs Banyard and Mr Sedgwick.

We would also like to thank:

Mrs Scott (Hampshire County Council) for helping with the planning permission, Travis Perkins for donating timber for out building projects and Mr Harvey from Weyhill Nurseries for his help and for his donations.

If you wish to know any information about the day to day running of the project please contact Mr Badby at Harrow Way School.

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