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NHS Test and Trace: COVID-19 testing for staff and students

January 15th, 2021 Comments off

Dear Parent or Carer

We were all set to send this letter out on the 4th January, but then the country went into lockdown.

We are working to keep our school as safe as possible. You may have heard that testing for those without coronavirus symptoms is beginning across the country using new, quicker COVID-19 tests known as ‘lateral flow tests’.

Along with the other protective measures we are taking, these tests will help staff and students to remain in school safely. Up to one third of people who have coronavirus experience no symptoms. By testing we will help to stop the virus spread and help to keep our school open as safely as possible. This will need consent from parents and is not compulsory.

Once the government decides that the conditions are right to plan for reopening schools fully, we will be looking at commencing mass testing of whole year groups before students start coming back in for their regular lessons.

We expect to start rapid testing with key staff who are currently working in school. After this, we hope to roll out rapid testing to the children of Key Workers and Vulnerable students in school where consent has been given.

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HW-CAST Episode 15 – Monday 11th January 2021

January 11th, 2021 Comments off

Announcement from the Prime Minister – 4th January 2021

January 5th, 2021 Comments off

Dear Parents/Carers,

I am writing to you following yesterday evening’s announcement that as of midnight we are entering a national lockdown, this means schools will remain closed until February half term, hopefully reopening on Monday 22nd February 2021.

Whilst I am aware this will be difficult for many of you, given the latest statistics this is completely the right decision to protect your family. 

Year 11 have also had the devastating news that exams in the normal format are cancelled; however, it is essential they continue to work and attend lessons, as what they do in these will influence their GCSE awarded grades. As yet we have had no indication of how GCSE’s will be awarded, therefore Year 11 must continue to work as if GCSE’s were taking place. School has not finished for Year 11 – they still have 6 months left.

We will be cancelling the Year 11 parents evening scheduled for next Thursday 14th January and will rearrange after half term when we have clear guidance on how GCSEs will be awarded in 2021.

I will update you as and when we have any further guidance but I felt it was imperative that I write to you today to clarify the situation.

Please be aware that this means the government’s guidance has changed and it is vital that we follow the advice:

Stay at home, Save lives, Protect the NHS

  • Stay at home wherever possible
  • Only go out for essential reasons including food and medical needs
  • Limit exercise to once per day, close to home
  • Maintain social distancing

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Education Arrangements for 4th January 2021

January 2nd, 2021 Comments off

Dear Parent/Carer

Thank you for all the supportive emails and comments, you have no idea how they bolster us in such a time of uncertainty. We are entirely committed to delivering what is right for our school, our community. With this in mind, I share with you here the guidance from the Department for Education. This delayed opening was not unexpected, and I truly believe it is the right decision for maintaining student, staff and our families’ safety and well-being. 

The next two weeks

Monday 4th – Friday 8th January: all students in Years 7-11 to be working remotely from home, except the students identified as especially vulnerable and those of critical key worker families who have requested a place.

Monday 11th – Friday 15th January: Year 11 students back into school for lessons, years 7-10 working remotely from home.  Vulnerable and critical key worker children working in school.  Read more…


December 30th, 2020 Comments off

Dear Parent/Carer

I am sorry that I am contacting you during the Christmas holiday period. However, I felt it was important that you receive the following update. Many of you will have seen the news today announcing the delayed opening of secondary schools to all students. You will know that at Harrow Way we pride ourselves on being well ahead in the planning, but we heard this at the same time as the rest of the country. Therefore, Year 11 are planned to return on the 11th January 2021 and Years 7 to 10 from the 18th January. Read more…


December 18th, 2020 Comments off

Dear Parent/Carer 


I am sorry to be writing this letter (at 7.30am on the last day of term). You may have watched the various announcements from the Department for Education over the last week with a growing sense of disbelief. You will also be wondering what this means for you and your child in January.

Some schools and councils, notably Greenwich in London, have been threatened with court action for suggesting that their schools could switch to remote learning in the week before Christmas. It is ironic that Thursday afternoon, without warning, the Government has advised a staggered start to the term in January with some students working remotely. Read more…


December 18th, 2020 Comments off

If your child develops symptoms within 48 hours of the end of term and tests positive you must contact us at school between Saturday 19th December and Thursday 24th December.

As the school office will be closed please contact us using this POSITIVE CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) CASE Reporting Form


The Harrow Way Eagle Newsletter – Autumn 2020

December 18th, 2020 Comments off

Our latest Newsletter, including the ‘Head’s Corner’ and a summary of all the news and events that’s happened at Harrow Way over the last term, can be viewed here.

Please note the updated calendar information on the back page.

Virtual Winter Music Concert – 16th December 7pm

December 15th, 2020 Comments off

Applause for the Student Leadership Team

December 1st, 2020 Comments off

Harrow Way’s Student Leadership Team has received high praise for their work in supporting students through the lockdown. The team, which is comprised of the school’s head girl, deputy and other senior prefects, received their commendation from Headteacher Michael Serridge recently.

Recognising that the period of lockdown presented a number of challenges, Harrow Way’s Student Leadership Team stepped forward to lead the production of a series of videos. Every week during the lockdown the team of six students created a new video for the whole school community to watch. The focus for each video was different with the students tackling a range of subjects from challenging racism to protecting mental health. Read more…