Please add the following important dates to your calendar:

  • Thursday 9th October – 1st Parents’ Evening inc. Sub32 (clothes hire company)
  • Friday 10th October – weekly after school ski fit begins
  • Friday 28th November (INSET day) – Dry Ski Slope lesson all day for beginners
  • Thursday 22nd January – Final Parents’ Evening

We will be holding a Parents’ Evening on Thursday 9th October at 7.00pm in the Auditorium to provide you with further details, watch a short PowerPoint presentation showing aspects of the trip and also issue the “Sub32” hire brochure. Clothing samples from the company will be on display so you can decide what, if any, clothing you wish to hire. There is no compulsion to hire, but you must ensure that your child has suitable and safe clothing for the ski trip.

At this parents’ evening we will be collecting important information regarding passports and contact details. Each child will need a valid individual passport of their own. If your child does not already hold a full passport it is advisable to start the process of applying for one now. Application forms are available from the Post Office and take at least six weeks to process. We will need to check passports and take photocopies at the Parents’ Evening.

In addition, we will be checking that your child has a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), also available from the Post Office or you can apply online.

After-school ski fitness training for the trip will begin on Friday 10th October and we have provisionally booked the Dry Ski Slope lessons for Friday 28th November (INSET day).