photoGroup‘Writes of Passage – 50 Books That Will Change Your Life’ is a scheme created by those lovely folks at World Book Day HQ. Over the past few months young people have been invited to nominate the books that rocked their worlds.  From the results an ultimate list was created of 50 BOOKS that could change YOUR life and keep YOU JRM

Last week, English Teacher, Miss Herbert held a meeting in the Library and challenged the Reading Club and other interested students to join’ Writes of Passage’ and read as many of these books as possible. Meetings are going to be held every Friday lunchtime in the Library and all students are invited to join. Please see Miss Herbert for more details and for more information click here

Also, congratulations to Mr Reed’s tutor group, winner of the ‘Literary Pairs’  challenge. 40 very kind staff were happy to be one half of a literary pair for two days.  They had to wear a badge and provide a clue to help students fill in their answer sheet. Again this was organised by Miss Herbert – she’s been very busy lately!