4Seven student library staff went to Portway Junior School on 6th June to help run a Spelling Bee for Years 5 and 6. The students involved were: Callum Cook, Natasha Navarro, Victoria Jones, Wesley Goodson, Harry Lawley and Harry Smallbones. The staff that accompanied us were Mrs Caulfield and Miss Thompson.

When we arrived we set up the computer technology, including the electronic scoreboard and decorated the tables with banners and posters. We also set up a table to hold the enormous gold trophy and filled it with Maltesers!!

photo2At 10:30 we began!

The first round consisted of four representatives from each house, two from Year 5 and two from Year 6. During the second and third rounds the teams had help from the audience using the Quizdom handsets.

The fourth and final round was a close run thing, but after a slow start earlier on in the competition ‘Lightning’ stormed into the lead. As well as winning the trophy for their School House, the team members won WH Smith vouchers and were awarded a medal.

The day was really enjoyable and a great laugh. Congratulations to the winners and to everybody else who took part.

Callum Cook Year 9