Six Year 8 students have just completed a reading initiative with a group of Year 6 pupils from Portway Junior School.

Over six sessions, Harrow Way students guided and supported the Portway pupils, completing tasks and activities to help improve the younger students’ confidence in reading and literacy. The whole scheme had a scary Halloween theme and tasks included,

  • An ‘Awful Adjectives’ and ‘Nasty Nouns’ workshop
  • A monster creation session using fabulous scary words
  • Reading stories to the Harrow Way Pre-School
  • Poetry writing, including writing a Star themed poem for National Poetry Day

As a means of promoting literacy at Key Stage 2/3 and reading for pleasure, participation in this type of event is shown to have a positive effect and significant impact upon members of the group involved.

Please click on the following link to read the poems   ‘Awful Adjectives”Nasty Nouns’ poems