IMG_3848IMG_3890Thursday 8th March was a huge day for many Year 3 and 4 athletes – they were coming to Harrow Way for their Indoor Athletics competition! A team from Appleshaw St Peter’s, a team from Knights Enham Junior, two teams from Kimpton and six teams from Portway Junior all arrived very excited and keen to start jumping, throwing and running!

Harrow Way Year 7 London 2012 Leadership Academy students, under the stewardship of Jordan Simcox (Year 10 Ambassador) managed the teams excellently, supporting IMG_4043IMG_4051and encouraging at all times, while the Year 10 students were experts at their station, measuring and scoring responsibly and accurately. Year 7, Ella Taylor, supported by Jordan, ran the whole event, timing and in control of the hooter! Jake Williams, Jake Baugh and Mark Todd ran the score table superbly and efficiently, while Ben Cox took super photographs, looked after our guests and was on hand as a constant support!

The afternoon began with a welcome and a warm-up (thank you Emma for the ‘Bean Game’!) before teams went with their leaders to their starting stations. IMG_3933IMG_3943IMG_3953IMG_4017Ten stations later, and the young Year 3 and 4 were ready for a break before the races started. Well done again to Harrow Way students who demonstrated the races brilliantly, and to Holly Eaton who had the very tough job of deciding positions as the young runners sped past the line!

Mr Goatley also joined us during the afternoon and was on hand to present all the certificates and awards. He was very impressed with the Harrow Way students, as well as all the young athletes.

In the A Team Competition: Portway Light Blue came 1st, with the other Portway teams, Kimpton and Knights Enham Junior close behind.

In the B Team Competition, Portway Dark Blue were the winners with Appleshaw, the two other Portway teams and Kimpton also close behind.

The Friendship Prize went to Knights Enham Junior School.

Miss Sturges would like to say her own HUGE thank you to the amazing leaders below: “Thank you for your commitment to supporting Harrow Way School’s sporting events – every single one of you was amazing!”

Year 9 and 10 Silver Ambassadors: Ben Cox and Emma Jones, Anthony Wharton and Jordan Simcox
Year 10 Leaders: Sophie Chilcott, Holly Eaton, Holly Guiver, Katrina Macdonald, Alice Walker, Cassie Weeks, Abby Wheeler, Lauren Willis, Jake Williams, Ashley Fairman, Chloe Harvey, Charlie Sweet, Atlanta Wilson, Julianne Kay, Ashley Macguire and Alanna James
Year 9 Leaders: Jake Baugh and Mark Todd
Year 7 Leaders: Georgia Fretton, Ella Shadwell, Ella Taylor, Callum Kennedy, Ellen White, Amy Macdonald, David Craggs, Rachel Lock, Georgia Day, Lois Lloyd and Erika-Jayne Foley