Ski Wednesday 012Yippee! Brilliant blue skies today so we could see where we were going; for some that was a good thing, but for others it was not such a good thing partly because they could see how steep the slopes are here.

All groups are able to get to most areas of this fabulous resort and enjoy the emptiness of the slopes. Sometimes you can ski a whole run without seeing anyone except a Harrow Way student. Perhaps the general public don’t feel safe with one of ours hurtling towards them!


Alex H had a fight with a chairlift today and managed to tangle himself up with the lift and his bag. Thankfully, Alex won in the end and set himself free. Another most amusing incident was watching Caitlin L’s ski come off her foot whilst on a chairlift and then wondering how she was going to get off the lift at the end. Fortunately, she put her best foot forward and retrieved her ski. Whilst tracking one of the beginner groups on a beautifully powdered slope, we were fortunate to see our potential ballet dancer, Immy, perform a near perfect pirouette, only flawed by the fact that it ended in the splits. The Strictly Come Skiing judges gave her a ‘seven’ for her efforts.

Tonight, when Mrs Cook was wandering around the rooms informing the girls of the activities to come, she discovered, in one room, several of them were building a den made up of bunk beds and towels. Who said children don’t know how to play any more? They were having great fun, but probably will never become architects!

Tonight’s entertainment was a games night when the students were given the opportunity to play Killer Pool, Giant Jenga and the Wii. However, Miss Escritt is nowhere to be seen now as she was beaten in the final by Maddie W, which has severely dented her pride.

The photos are breathtaking today. Look at the glorious surroundings our lucky ski family have been fortunate to ski in.