CIMG1700Today we woke up to an overnight snowfall of approximately 20cm, which has made the depth, on average, 3m; not very much really! First thing, it wasn’t looking good for our intrepid explorers as it was blowing a hooley and snowing very heavily. However, by the time we’d had our fill at breakfast, the wind had calmed, so the snow was not driving into our faces, but still falling. By lunch time, it was snowing; by tea time, it was snowing; so all of you who have text us telling us of the snow in Andover … get real! It has stopped this evening, at last, so tomorrow should be an absolute blast!

IMG_1929Miss Escritt and Mrs Cook were honoured to ski with the beginner groups this morning and as well as being amazed, were entertained. The groups tackled a very steep blue run which had deep, fresh, powder snow. They were amazed at their skiing skills, linking together the first stages of parallel turns, and it’s only day 3. They were entertained by the squeals, animated banter and sheer delight of excavating a smiley face from the deep powder. Cassie S and Caitlin L being the two pieces of buried treasure most commonly found. If they were doubloons, we’d be millionaires!

IMG_1898This afternoon, the second from top group, skied on the Grande Motte glacier, which in itself is a spectacular sight. In parts, it is incredibly steep, but in fog and deep snow, it is, to say the least, very testing! Once again there were burials and if we’d wanted to be gardeners, we’d be working at the garden centre. We’ve never done so much digging in our lives. It was worth it just to see the somersaults, spins and splits. Look out 2012; we’re thinking of entering HW students into the British gymnastics team! The kids had a ball and so did we. Emma H has lost her piste cred, as her aim was not to fall over once this week … well, unlucky Em, because we witnessed many of your crashes this afternoon! Thank you very much. They were good ones, too!

NEWS FLASH: Ryan H tried to keep quiet about the fact he accidentally dropped his ski pole off a chair lift, narrowly missing some poor unsuspecting soul! Unfortunately for you, Ryan, you’ve been bubbled, but we cannot mention who our grass is.

IMG_6580This evening we caught the bus across to Le Lac to the local sports centre where we played football and basketball despite some very tired legs. It was great to see the ski family playing so happily together (cheesey!).

Back for supper, a chillout in the common room and there may even have been the odd shower. Hummmmmm?

Good night from your intrepid explorers.