Ski Sunday 013Wow! We are so lucky the snow is FAB. It’s impossible not to be having a good time in such impressive snow conditions. Please click on the thumbnails to view today’s photos. There are more bumboarding photos to come, but we had difficulty uploading them last night.

The students have conquered day 1 in pure style. Day 1 is traditionally a challenging day as the students have to be very organised and meet time deadlines for breakfast, ski school and cope with some pretty clumsy equipment that they’re not used to using (so when they are slow at getting up in the mornings to go to school, remind them that they managed to be ready on time and organised whilst on the ski trip, which is far more difficult!)

All the students have skied well and seem happy with their instructors. Chelsea P had an argument with a plastic net at the side of the piste today which caused great hilarity for the rest of her group. The only damage done was to the netting and not to Chelsea.

Ski Sunday 054A few students made close inspections of the snow with their faces, but it is lovely and soft, and if anything it means that some of them have probably washed for the first time since being away. Only joking mums!

Tonight was bumboarding which proved to be as popular as ever, with the students trying to outdo each other in terms of the best tumble and who could slide down the fastest and furthest. We did manage to get a few pictures although Miss Escritt and Mr Hampton’s cameras didn’t like the cold at all, and only worked occasionally. Guess it’s understandable as it is minus 17 here today!

The darlings are now snoring their heads off. Who says it’s hard to tire kids out these days?