IMG_0524IMG_0540The annual Year Y5/6 Indoor Athletics Competition saw all of our cluster schools, Appleshaw St Peter’s, Kimpton, Roman Way, Knights Enham Junior and Portway Junior Schools, taking part in one of the most popular competitions in our calendar of events!

Year 10 students had learned how to lead all eight field events and this they did excellently and to a very high standard. Well done to them! Jake Williams and Martyn Craggs ran the score table superbly. Jordan Simcox (Year 10 Silver Ambassador) ensured the whole event ran smoothly and to time while Ben Cox (Year 9 Silver Ambassador) supported the afternoon through his photography. Anthony Wharton and Emma Jones (also Silver Ambassadors) supported Mrs Karen Seymour on the triple jump – the most challenging event of all the field events!

The athletes started the afternoon with a fun warm up (led by the Year 9s) before heading off to compete for their school in all eight field events. These teams were led by Julianne Kay and Year 9 Leadership Academy students. The teams knew that the Harrow Way Ambassadors would be looking for the team who represented the Olympic Value of Friendship.

Following the field events and a short break, the races started, and with most of our leaders able to stay and support the races there was an excellent buzz of excitement in the air!

IMG_0722IMG_0729IMG_0733IMG_0745After fast 1 lap races, 2+2 relay, 6 lap parlaufs and 4×1 relays (20 races in total!) it was time to relax and find out scores and finishing positions.

Mrs Belsey, Deputy Headteacher, presented the schools with their certificates and medals, and the winning overall team with the prized Harrow Way Cluster shield!

Congratulations to all competitors from all schools who performed to a very high standard (eight records were broken with a new distance of 5.36m in the Boys Triple Jump and 56 jumps in the 20 second speed bounce!) but additional congratulations to Portway, who won both the A and B team competitions and who will now represent the Harrow Way Cluster at the County event. An additional ‘Well done!’ to Mark Todd and BOYS 1 who won the Friendship Award.

Huge thanks to all the Harrow Way students who gave up their time to support this event – you were ALL excellent and a credit to yourselves and Harrow Way School!

Year 10 students were: Jake Williams, Anthony Wharton, Jordan Simcox, Atlanta Wilson, Ashley Fairman, Ashley Macguire, Holly Eaton, Demi-rae Mulholland, Katie Heit, Alice Walker, Cassie Weeks, Lauren Willis, Sophie Chilcott, Katrina Macdonald, Abby Wheeler, Holly Guiver, Chloe Harvey, Julianne Kay and Charlie Sweet.

Leadership Academy students were: Emma Jones, Katie Roche, Rhiannon Jones, Emma Helsdown, Jake Baugh, Mark Todd, Martyn Craggs, Callum Bendall and Vicki Jones.