IMG_0219IMG_0221IMG_0237On Wednesday 9th November at 9.30 am, our class went to Trinley Estate. We left with Miss Sturges and Mrs Ripley in the minibus and Mrs Lush and Mrs Brown in Mrs Brown’s car. When we arrived we met Andrew the farmer (he is famous because he was on Countryfile!).

We decided to visit Trinley because we want to encourage more people to visit the farm. We are going to produce a leaflet to persuade people to visit it because it is very educational and it will help people to understand farmers and what they do, as well as respect the countryside.

First, Andrew took us to see the corn. While we were listening to him we saw a kite (a bird of prey!) flying around us. We also saw pheasants, a box of worms,IMG_0238IMG_0296IMG_0311 lots of bird feeders and many different trees including a willow tree and an oak tree. Andrew wants as many birds on the farm as possible because they feed on the insects. He also lets wild flowers grow to encourage the insects.

We continued our woodland walk to a bee hive. Andrew told us that he has the bees because he cares about them. The bees do not get stressed because he does not take the honey from them.

Lastly, we had a ride on the trailer which was attached to the tractor. It was great fun! We took a ride to the cows and the bull. There were calves as well as cows. One cow was getting ready to have her calf and she wanted to be alone. One of the cows was separated from her calf so that she could get ready to have another one – she did not sound very happy.

We all had a great time and are looking forward to visiting again in Spring!

Report by Emily Campbell, Jazmine Gaylor, Isabella Kemp, Lucy Panter and Liam Couling