With the sun shining, what better way to spend a Friday afternoon than playing rugby! Due to the growing popularity of the Harrow Way rugby club, there were fourteen keen Year 10 boys making up the squad.

Charles Gray and Sean Flanagan from Andover Rugby Club were on hand to referee the matches – a huge thanks to them! Charles also supports the coaching of the Harrow Way team and was able to motivate the team and support the captain with his decisions.

Excellent rugby was played by all teams but an organised John Hanson and a fast Winton team proved too strong for the determined Harrow Way boys. They played with spirit and respect until the end, but after four games were unable to lift the winners’ trophy. Congratulations to the winners, John Hanson.

The squad: Haydn Sorensen, Charlie Waite, Troy Scanlan, Jake Matthews, James Woods, Matthew Crisp, Harvey North, Calum Sergent, James Allingham, Levi Verschuren, Tyler Hiscock, Kaylum Batchelor, Matthew Gardner and Aaron Boulton.

Apologies for the lack of a team photograph. The camera picked a bad time to malfunction…