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As a reward for their dedication to Reading Club, a group of students went on a fabulous trip to London at the end of last term.

In the morning students visited the Globe Theatre where they participated in a Macbeth workshop and had a behind-the-scenes tour.  Later, lunch was eaten beside the River Thames; luckily the weather was sunny!  From there the group   moved on to the Imperial War Museum to have a look at the huge range  of fascinating exhibits, including Spitfires, V2 Rockets and an amazing display of medals.

Cliff McNish
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More recently, author Cliff McNish visited Harrow Way to speak to Year 8.  Reading Club and Library staff members hosted a private reception at lunchtime in the Library.  They were given the opportunity to chat with Cliff one-to-one and ask him questions about his books, whilst enjoying a feast of sandwiches, cakes and biscuits!

If you enjoy reading and would like to become a member of the Reading Club, we meet every Friday lunchtime in the library. Everybody’s welcome!

RC London Trip 003Five excellent reasons why you should join Harrow Way Reading Club.

  1. You don’t know what to read next.
  2. You used to read lots, but don’t anymore.
  3. You want to understand, appreciate and talk about the books you read.
  4. You want to discover new books and writers.
  5. You’ve read all of the vampire type books!