IMG_3199In its fourth year, the annual Year 2 Tri Golf Festival proved as popular as ever with seven teams entered; three from Portway Infants, two from Appleshaw and two from Knights Enham Infant School.

All three schools had enjoyed Harrow Way Year 7 leading Tri Golf sessions in their own schools prior to the festival, but today the competition was on!

website2Cerys Cousins, Caylee Harper-Ronald, Cara Lewis, Courtney Friel, Adam Tilbury, John Mitchell and Jasmine Smith were team leaders, helping their teams to score as many points as possible in each of the five games. Megan Woodage and Wayne Ashton joined Year 11 Steph Jackson as officials, equipment managers and scorers. All were excellent and a credit to themselves and the school.

During the whole competition and presentation, all teams showed the Olympic Values of Friendship and Respect. However, there can only be one winner of the prized Year 2 Tri Golf Trophy, and that went to Appleshaw Bunkers. Well done to them, as well as to all the other teams for working so hard. See you next year!