DSC05018Following on from two club sessions with Hampshire Community Coach, Chris Wheeler, and with support from Year 8 District players Robbie Taylor and Ben Cox, the Year 7 team of Liam Russell, Matthew Buckwell, Gregor Corcoran, Kyle Crisp, James Reeder, Brandon Smith, Finlay Waite and Lachlan Wincott were highly impressive at the recent Inter Cricket competition!
Liam Russell was chosen to be captain for his ability to motivate and encourage the team, as well as organise positions in a supportive way. He performed his role brilliantly. Wicket keeper, Brandon Smith, had an outstanding tournament. His concentration was super and he communicated with the team at all times. Great fielding, bowling and catching by the whole team – James Reeder caught an amazingly fast ball and Lochlan was always quick with his reactions to dive and save runs!
DSC05017With the first match against home side Winton, Harrow Way scored an amazing 102 runs with only three wickets lost; Winton were unable to reach this target and so Harrow Way went into their second match in confident form.  Against Rookwood, Harrow Way fielded impressively, working as a very tight knit team and communicating well; they kept the Rookwood team down to just over 40 runs. However, Rookwood also knew how to apply the pressure with their bowling and fielding and Harrow Way were unable to pass Rookwood on the run total.
Congratulations to the Harrow Way Year 7 boys for coming runners up and thank you to Ben and Robbie who were the official umpires and scorers, as well as Harrow Way supporters!