Harrow Way Year 10/11’s – 1, John Hanson Year 10/11’s – 0

Harrow Way entered their second hockey fixture of the season with increased confidence, having found their feet on the large Astroturf pitch surface in the 0-0 draw against Rookwood.

With Ella Howells stepping into the goalie kit for the first time, she had a strong defence in front of her, with nothing getting past Jess Allmark, Kayla Crisp or Maddie Loftus in the first half.

The attack and midfield worked well together, and Jess Borley-Thorpe had many balls neatly passed through John Hanson’s defence to her; she struck the first one just wide, but the second beat John Hanson’s keeper to put Harrow Way 1-0 up at half time.

In the second half, John Hanson had a stronger team and counter attacked well, but the centre midfield players of Lydia Moulding and Clara Franklin were strong and consistent in their tackling, and distributed the ball well to allow the speedy players Kelly Butler and Annie Brookes to attack.

The last few minutes were tense, with John Hanson piling on the pressure in the D and Ella having to make a number of good saves. With the final clearance, the whistle blew for full time and Harrow Way should be proud by an impressive win.

Team: Ella Howells, Jess Allmark, Kayla Crisp, Maddie Loftus, Kelly Butler, Lydia Moulding, Clara Franklin, Laura Jones, Sophie Boyne, Annie Brookes, Jess Borley-Thorpe