DSC04659On a Harrow Way Inset Day, more than thirty students from across all years volunteered and gave up their day off to support the now annual Year 3 and 4 Indoor Athletics Competition. This high number was especially impressive given that the Year 10 Silver Ambassadors and many Sports Leaders were away with the ski trip. During the morning, these leaders set up the Sports Hall, organised the score table and made sure they knew how to lead all the activities and the teams of children.

By one o’clock, sixty-four Year 3 and 4 children from Portway Junior, Knights Enham Junior, Kimpton and Appleshaw St Peter’s Schools had arrived and were warmly welcomed by the Harrow Way leaders. Audrey Rogers, Tesco Community Champion, also joined us again – the students and competitors all enjoyed her fruit and water!

DSC04661After a fun ‘Bean Game’ warm up led by Alice Longshaw, Year 11 Silver Ambassador, the teams were ready to take on the challenges of the field events, knowing that every one of their jumps and throws would count towards their team score. They also knew that Alice and Jon would be looking to choose the team that best represented the Olympic and Paralympic Values of Friendship, Respect and Determination.

Throws and jumps were performed brilliantly, even the triple jump which is a difficult one to master, before a short break and…. the (very noisy and exciting) races! Harrow Way leaders again led these brilliantly, helping and encouraging the young competitors. There was even time to have some fun races before the results were announced. Well done to the team on the score desk, led by Jordan and Anthony, who had the final results seconds after the last race had been run. Very impressive!

DSC04704Mr Currie congratulated and thanked the children for taking part, before presenting each child with their certificate. He was also pleased to present the overall winners, Portway, with their winners’ certificates and Cluster shield. Alice and Jon then awarded the Appleshaw team their prizes for being the team that best represented the values, although they did add that EVERY team had been great!

Miss Sturges would like to thank all the Harrow Way students for volunteering, Audrey Rogers and Karen Seymour for their support, as well as all the teachers, parents and the children of our Cluster Schools. You made it a great afternoon!

Harrow Way students attending were:
Year 11 Silver Ambassadors: Alice Longshaw and Jonathan Akehurst
Year 10 Sports Leaders: Hallam Doney, Luke Bourner, Tom Longshaw, Clara Franklin, Lili McLean, Liam Bowman, Justin Dixon and Sheree Villiers.
Year 10 Athletic enthusiasts and volunteers: Kelly Butler and Maddison Douch
The Key Stage 3 Leadership Academy:
Year 9 Silver Adistar Ambassadors: Jordan Simcox and Anthony Wharton
Year 9: Chelsey Renshaw, Abby Wheeler, Chantelle Gleed, Brendan Harris and Tyler Hiscock
Year 8: Jake Baugh, Louis Hatchett, Callum Bendall, Chloe Gleed, Beth Jeffries, Courtney Burns, Mark Todd and Martyn Craggs
Year 7: Victoria Jones, Nicola Penwarden, Jack Bowman, Jodie Wilson, Emily Gibbs and Courtney Friel