Friday 008Instead of golden sands we have white snow and brilliant sunshine!
Lovin’ it, lovin’ it, lovin it!

What can we say? This lot ski too well and we can’t keep up with them to take photos. Students have come up with a new term called a ‘ski sandwich’; we’re led to believe that one of our students ended up squashed between two others (you know who you are!). Rosie S decided to inspect the quality of the snow by tasting, smelling and looking at it rather too closely. It would have been much easier to have picked up a handful rather than diving into it face first!

Friday 059The GCSE P.E. students were videoed this afternoon as part of their coursework and we are hoping for some good grades as a result of this trip.

Tonight the gang ‘threw some shapes’ on the dance floor at the local night club. Jack H and Ethan C proved themselves to be modern-day John Travoltas and we look forward to seeing them on ‘Britain’s got Talent’ in the near future. (Don’t hold your breath)

We’re all off to bed now so that we can carve up the piste tomorrow, our last day.