Robotic Ski InstructorIMG_9955Today the first ever robotic ski instructor arrived at our hotel. Students and staff were amazed to see the arrival of one of our instructors with a cardboard box on his head and two eyeholes cut out of it, performing a robotic dance; not the normal way one expects an instructor to arrive, but then the previous day he had made a grand entrance by backward somersaulting down the bank with his colleague and landing on his feet with his skis still attached to his feet, on the piste where we were waiting. Although slightly crazy, he is a fabulous instructor and the group love his unusual teaching methods.

IMG_0016Skiing has gone really well today, with much progress being made. Meal times are full of chattering and laughter about who has had the best wipe out and who can jump the highest and ski the fastest. As you can imagine the crashes are becoming more impressive by the minute.

Open air swimming was the entertainment tonight. The students found it quite surreal to be in an outdoor pool with the sun setting over the mountain and many commented about how lovely it was. As usual they couldn’t resist the temptation to lay in the snow, seeing who could sit it out the longest before diving into the warm water.

Another wonderful day of memories … what’s in store for us tomorrow?