Today has been a multi-activity day. We’ve had ice skating (down the path); bum boarding (down the path); ballet (down the path); splits (down the path), free falling (down the path). As you may have worked out the path down to the lifts is like a skid pan! People would pay for tickets to be in the audience.

Today a lot of the students had fun at the ‘Snow Cross’ park. It’s a bit like skiing down a bobsleigh run; once you’re on it, there’s no getting off unless you wipe out. There were a few bail outs, lots of jumps and not much control, but for those adrenalin junkies, what a buzz.

The only crashes we’ve seen today were when the newbee skiers were getting off the chair lifts; a few pile ups and dented pride, but nothing serious.

We’ll be returning in disguise as Swan Vestas; red faces and white bodies as the sun continues to shine.

Tonight we had a quiz hosted by our wonderful rep, Ross, who did a great impersonation of Ann Robinson but we won’t know the weakest link until the morning, as like all good teachers, he leaves his marking until the last minute.