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The girls had a rather rushed wake-up call this morning because Mrs Cook set her alarm by English time which left only 5 minutes to get to breakfast.  It wasn’t as if she was still asleep, but just laying in slumber waiting for the alarm to go off. Luckily, Miss Escritt can run fast and knocked on all the doors in about 30 seconds flat. She’s now looking for a place in the Olympic team 2012.

Breakfast was ‘eat as much as you like’ so everybody tucked in. No fear of Harrow Way students starving!  Then it was off to the boot room to pick up skis and boots. James P had to search for his ski helmet which, what a surprise, he found in his bedroom! The students were then introduced to their instructors who seem like a good bunch.  The top group shot off at a rate of knots and were intent to cover as much piste as possible in as short a time as possible.  Although they wouldn’t admit it, a few tumbles were taken along the way due to rusty legs, Ken Gates (not mentioning any names).  All the groups are now off the nursery slopes and starting to explore the huge expanse of Les Menuires.  We have been blessed with brilliant sunshine and deep blue skies and surprisingly the snow is holding up really well. 
We are pleased to announce that Ella Howells has survived her first day and is still in one piece. However, Mrs Cook, who is also in one piece, did manage to have a meeting with the snow face first and the ensuing comment was ‘Oh I was really enjoying that!’, ‘was’ being the operative word.

In the afternoon James P arrived in the boot room minus a glove. Despite 3 trips retracing his steps he still couldn’t find it. When it was suggested that he looked up in his bedroom … what a surprise, there was a glove waving at him!

Joe Smith turned himself into a human catapult and was found by Bethan some distance away from his skis which were stuck in the snow by their tips. 

Picture 063This evening the students really enjoyed themselves as the evening entertainment was ‘bum-boarding’.  This involved the students launching themselves down the slopes on a piece of plastic resembling a tea-tray.  It requires no skill, a bit of luck and plenty of courage, something Harrow Students have in abundance. If they managed to reach the bottom, it was a huge achievement and Lydia Moulding, Harry Fitzpatrick and James Woods proved to be the champions; although I wouldn’t like to see them drive a car! It was great to be able to return to the hotel to hot chocolate and lots of laughs and teasing about who was NOT the best. No shortage of topic of conversation there.

A brilliant day was had by all and the staff are very happy to report that the children are safely tucked up in bed after their bedtime stories.  Night, night.