Tuesday 117and Ella is STILL in one piece! That roll of cotton wool works wonders.

The groups were made to ski hard today; the instructors have certainly raised the bar and the expectations of the groups. They have travelled further a field and down some more demanding runs, hence a few more tumbles much to the staff’s amusement. Katie R has turned into a human bowling ball, finding the ditches at the side of the piste rather than the piste itself! But she’s a real star and gets up, dusts off the snow and does it again. Tuesday 100George B has some kind of magnetic force field around him as he finds himself drawn to other people rather a lot causing all sorts of carnage. Don’t be deceived by the pictures of him standing on his feet! (Miss Escritt has fast reactions and a good camera!) Fletcher apparently likes the taste of snow and it has become part of her daily staple diet; not intentionally though.

On a more serious note it has been lovely to see the students progress from the simple snowplough into the beginnings of parallel skiing. Although, some of them have found the art of side slipping rather tricky and have preferred to slide down on their backside. Apparently it is the more trendy way to ski!

newCIMG1646One of the groups is lucky enough to see the more traditional side of skiing as their instructor likes to let the whole of Les Menuires know where they are by yodelling all the way around the resort. You can just picture their embarrassed faces. At least it makes them appreciate us a bit more. Evening ‘ent’ tonight was the trip to the local sports centre. Despite tired legs and battered bodies they could all still impress on the basketball and badminton courts. Mrs Cook and Miss Escritt blamed their lack of stamina on the altitude, although it was probably something to do with their age.

Now everyone’s resting their weary bones and hope that they are able to get out of bed feeling rejuvenated in the morning.

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