At ‘silly o’clock’ on Sunday morning, 30 bleary-eyed students arrived at Harrow Way prepared for what should be one of their most memorable school trips.  They arrived in their fancy ski jackets with their wonderful parents who had had to join them at that ungodly hour for the send off.  Everyone was incredibly well organised and we left without a hitch.  Despite being tired the behaviour and organisation was exemplary, even by the parents. Ha ha! In fact one parent didn’t bother going back to bed and took himself off fishing in the rain.  Must be bonkers! At least sitting on a coach with 30 students is dry!

A quiet and uneventful journey to Gatwick was followed by a calm check-in.  The plane was only delayed by about 15 minutes and once we were up in the air, breakfast was soon served.  Some time after taking off Charlie was overheard asking if he was in Heaven as we passed through the cloud cover into brilliant sunshine. Ummm?
Eathan almost left his bag at the security check at Gatwick; Eathan lost his ID card which was promptly found and returned; Eathan left his room key swinging from the lock on the corridor. Do you think that there’s a pattern forming here? However, despite this, Eathan has now found his bed and is safely tucked up, fast asleep, as we type. 

We are all looking forward to a good night’s sleep and some fabulous skiing this week.  That’s all folks!
Stay tuned for the daily thrills, spills and pics.
From the Looney Tunes Gang.