DSC04630Year 10 GCSE students were joined by some of our friends from Enham for a Wheelchair Basketball session recently. Svend Hunter, a regular at Harrow Way since he supports the Year 10 Sports Leaders course, was the instigator of the afternoon. He was joined by Chris and Sam. Chris had played the game before and was keen to get stuck in straight away! After some fun activities led by our students, a game was organised and the competition started. With the Year 10 leading and officiating, Svend timing, and Miss Sturges cheering everyone on, even some of accompanying Enham staff were tempted to have a go!

Trish Townsend, Enham’s Placement Coordinator, said: “What a great afternoon everyone had at the wheelchair basket ball; a big thank you from our staff and clients. It was noted by the whole group how polite and well mannered the Harrow Way students were throughout the school and how welcome they were made us feel.” Well done Harrow Way, and in particular the Year 10 GCSE students!