Starting this half term all Year 7s will be participating in our annual Spelling Bee. The aim of the contest is to make spelling fun and to help our English teachers raise the profile of spelling and develop the talents of their students. It also provides the chance for students to display their mastery of spelling and to be part of a fun contest competing against other members of their year group.

Please use this link to see a list of twenty-five spellings which our Year 7 students have been encouraged to memorise. In two weeks’ time, on 31st January, they will be tested on these words and five mystery words during a tutor group session or an English lesson.

The students should be encouraged with this endeavour as the Spelling Bee is a motivational programme that will improve their spelling. It has been proven that those who strive to improve their literacy and spelling skills early on will enjoy huge benefits in later life.

Thank you for supporting our Year 7s.

Jay Mann, English Teacher