DSC04626Tuesday after school in Harrow Way Sports Hall was an exciting place to be with sixty children from St John the Baptist, Portway Junior, Anton Junior and Rookwood Schools keen to run around and play the energetic and fun game of Rock-it-ball! Many of the children had never played Rock-it-ball before so Miss Escritt taught them the basics. They all had fun trying to pick up the ball, run with it and hit the wall.

Rules of the game were then explained and the matches got underway. As the competition was run as a league, all six teams played each other. Every one of the players put 100% effort in and seemed to be having a great time. There were some very close games with teams winning by just one ‘hit’ or even drawing. By the end of the tournament, all players had improved their Rock-it-ball skills and were experts at collecting the ball and hitting opponents. All teams also showed excellent behaviour, sportsmanship and were a credit to their schools.

Outstanding organisation and leadership by six Harrow Way students meant that the tournament ran excellently and perfectly to time! Alice Longshaw (Y11 Silver Ambassador) and Steph Jackson timed the matches and liaised with the teams so the next teams to play were always ready to go straight on. Ella Howells (Y10 Silver Ambassador), Luke Baird, Abby Wheeler and Laurence Smith were the officiators with the clickers during the matches, spotting hits. They were also excellent at organising the teams and equipment at the end of each match.

DSC04629Presentation time and, following thanks to teachers and parents, Miss Escritt, the Sports Leaders and, most importantly, the players, St Johns were announced the winning team, winning every one of their matches. The final match of the competition decided 2nd place with Anton just beating Portway Green. This meant that Anton were runners-up with Portway Green in 3rd. Portway Pink were 4th, Rookwood 5th and Portway Blue were 6th. Anton were the winners of the ‘Courage and Respect’ Award, chosen by Alice and Steph. Miss Escritt’s player of the Tournament was Henry from Rookwood. He impressed her with his constant smile and his excellent determination. Miss Sturges also awarded Rhianna from Portway Blue a special prize because of the kindness she showed to a player from Rookwood.

Again, thank you to everyone who attended the tournament – a very enjoyable way to spend a few hours after school!