DSC04614It was still the Christmas holiday, but Year 8 students Louis Hatchett, Jake Baugh and Kieron Forwood were keen to get up early, get on their bikes and get cycling in the ‘Behind the Bike Shed’ Cyclo Cross event at Thruxton Race Circuit. Dave Jowett, the British Cycling Coach who works with the Year 8 boys on a Monday, was there to meet and support them. Miss Sturges, mums, dads, brothers and sisters were also there to cheer the boys on (and some of them even wished they could join in!).

DSC04615The race was on thick grass, was very hilly and lasted at least thirty minutes – a very challenging first competition for the boys. Louis really impressed everyone with his stamina to keep going strongly throughout the whole race and Jake impressed us all with his laughter, humour and determination. Kieron’s determination was also excellent and, barring a ripped pair of jeans, had a great time!

Lili McLean, a keen cyclist with Andover Wheelers, also took part and raced excellently, as did Simon Hall, our volunteer cycling coach at Harrow Way.

Please use this link to read the ‘Cross Crazy’ web report.