book experiments nov 2010Harrow Way Art Department was very lucky to be visited recently by nationally exhibiting installation artist David Dixon ( David is lead artist and programme coordinator for Chapel Arts Studios in Andover (

book experiments nov 2010 (11)David’s first visit introduced a class of year 9 students to his own work which involved the use of dust to create beautifully patterned pieces on the floor. It was a difficult concept to grasp because his artwork is temporary; lasting only for a short while in the space where it is made. The students were able to try out some of the materials and tools David uses, including flour, salt and sugar.

book experiments nov 2010 (21)On the second visit David showed the year 9s several images of artwork and asked them the big question ‘is it art?’ He was delighted by their lively responses and their willingness to participate in the experimental workshop which followed. This provided the opportunity to alter books through folding, suspending, piercing, soaking and ripping (to name but a few methods). The work is currently on display in the English block cabinet.

Afterwards the students were asked to write their thoughts about the workshop on a piece of paper. Their altered postcards show their enjoyment of and their reaction to the visit. The ‘altered’ postcards are pictured below.

The Art Dept would like to thank David whole heartedly for his energy and superb interaction with the students and for providing such a ‘cool’ project. The students have asked to continue their investigations into clay; photos to follow.