DSC04323Thirty two students from all years at Harrow Way Community School voluntarily gave up a day off school last Friday 26th November to lead the annual Year 5/6 Harrow Way Cluster Indoor Athletics Competition. 
The students arrived in the morning to set up the hall, find out what role they would have and how they would lead the competition. With the bunting up and equipment out, Karen Seymour, Mountbatten SSP Athletics Coach, showed them all how to be fantastic officials and coaches. Meanwhile, the score table had the challenging task of organising the score sheets so that all names were ready – the key to a smooth running competition.  Team Managers also learned how to motivate their teams, and how to try and earn the ‘Olympic Value of Friendship’ prize.
DSC04370The first of our guests arrived at noon: Audrey Rogers, Tesco Community Champion and with the help of Jake and Courtney she set up her healthy ‘Rehydration Station’.
By one o’clock all the teams had arrived, excited and keen to get jumping, throwing and running! Two teams from each of Knights Enham Junior and Kimpton Primary Schools, three teams from Portway Junior School and a team from each of Roman Way and Appleshaw St Peter’s CE Primary Schools filled the hall with their energy, warmth and smiles.

After a welcome and a warm up, Team Managers took their teams off to start the field events. Year 11 Silver Ambassador, Jonathan Akehurst, was in charge of the timing and the hooter which he did expertly! All the Field Event Managers led brilliantly, the Team Managers were super at leading their teams and the score table was exceptionally efficient. There was even time for Faye from Andover Sound to pop in and interview our Year 9 Silver Adistar Ambassadors, Jordan and Anthony, as well as two young athletes from Portway . To hear the interviews please click on Link 1 and Link 2.

DSC04297During the field events, seven records were broken! Impressive jumps in the Standing Triple Jump: Kai (Portway) jumped an amazing 5.18m and Shannon (Appleshaw) jumped a superb 4.94m. Phoebe Clarke also smashed the existing Standing Long Jump record with her longest jump of 2.14m and a new Speed Bounce record of 55 jumps in 20 seconds. 
Lindsey Hoyle, New Product Development Manager at Le Creuset, very kindly joined us for the afternoon of the competition and was thrilled to be invited. She said: “It was wonderful to see everyone so clearly enjoying the day and supporting each other during the team events, encouraging sport in schools.”

DSC04445A short break while the hall was cleared and then onto the races… and the noise!  Excellent cheering encouraged all the runners with Harrow Way leaders also encouraging teams, managing the reversaboards and helping the teams at the start of the races.  Miss Escritt commented that the quality of the running and baton changing was excellent – all athletes are to be congratulated on running like true Olympians!
On to the presentation.  The ‘Olympic Value of Friendship’ prizes went to Luke Baird’s team. Jonathan Akehurst and Miss Sturges were very impressed with the positive team spirit he created within ‘Boys4’ (Callum, Kingsley and George from Portway, Liam from Roman Way, Bradley and Daniel from Knights Enham, Jaden and James from Kimpton and Sam from Appleshaw). They all won a Sport Unlimited frisbee. Well done to all of them!
DSC04293Anthony Wharton then stepped up and did an excellent job of announcing the results of the competitions:

A team competition winners were Roman Way Primary School who go forward to represent Harrow Way at the North Partnership Finals on Thursday 10th December. Good luck to them! Portway were in a very close second position, with Kimpton, Appleshaw and Knights Enham in 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively.
B Team competition winners were Portway Pink, just ahead of Portway Blue! Knights Enham were in 3rd place with Kimpton in 4th.

A HUGE well done to all the competitors – you were brilliant and we look forward to welcoming you back to Harrow Way soon!
Miss Sturges would like to thank all the teachers and parents who accompanied the athletes, Audrey Rogers, Tesco Community Champion, Linsdey Hoyle from Le Creuset, Elaine Escritt, Year 7 Transition Manager, and Karen Seymour

The biggest THANKS must go to the thirty two Harrow Way volunteers who made the competition possible. You were AMAZING! As Lindsey Hoyle also said: “All the students I met were a credit to the school – it was truly a pleasure to be involved in the afternoon.”
Event Manager
Jonathan Akehurst

Score Table
Anthony Wharton, Jordan Simcox, Mark Todd and Martyn Craggs

Team Managers
For the boys: Tyrone Johnson-May, Luke Baird, Callum Bendall and Louis Hatchett
For the girls: Chantelle Gleed, Chloe Gleed, Kirstie Hunter and Maddison Douch

Field Event Managers
Speed Bounce: Lynsey Grover and Liam Bowman
Standing Triple Jump: Kelly Butler and Annie Brookes (Andover Athletics Club Ambassadors!)
Standing Long Jump: Lili McLean and Abbie Portsmouth
Vertical Jump: Hallam Doney and Jack Bowman
Target Throw: Steph Jackson, Ashley Bratten and Emma Jones
Javelin: Tom Longshaw and Justin Dixon
Seated Overhead Throw: Luke Bourner and Jordan Compton
Standing Chest Push: Tyler Hiscock and Brendan Harris

Tesco Rehydration Station
Audrey Rogers (Tesco Community Champion), Jake Baugh and Courtney Friel