Harrow Way 16 – Test Valley 9
This was a high standard game throughout with a lot of friendly rivalry as both sets of players are members of the local Andover Arrows Junior teams and so there was a lot of pride at stake.

Test Valley took first blood by leading at the end of the first quarter.  This made the Harrow Way girls a little nervous but after a pep talk from Miss Escritt about self-belief and work rate the team moved up a gear and never really looked threatened after the first quarter.

A tactical move to play with one of the Harrow Way shooters, Lydia Moulding, around the edge of the circle pulling Test Valley’s defender away from the post to make her non-effective worked and allowed Alice Longshaw as Goal Shooter more space and she started to put more goals away.

Ella Howells in defence was brilliant, in fact she played the game of her life, constantly frustrating the Test Valley shooters by intercepting ball after ball.  Ellie Roche, Steph Jackson and Abbie Portsmouth worked tirelessly in centre court providing the shooters with good balls time and time again.  The league title looks pretty certain.

Team:  Ella Howells, Cathy Murray, Abbie Portsmouth, Ellie Roche, Steph Jackson, Lydia Moulding, Alice Longshaw, Lili McLean, Kelly Butler, Annie Brookes and Kelly Butler.